10 Ways Old-School Anime Are Better (2023)

They say that old school is the best school and when it comes to anime, that might be true. The medium has a rich and vibrant history stretching back many years. So many groundbreaking classics have helped shape the nature of anime and continue to influence modern series to this day. So it's no wonder that many anime fans prefer classics to modern titles. There's just something about these old titles that newer anime just can't replicate.

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The medium has made incredible strides over the years, treating fans to amazing stories and beautiful animation that many might not have thought possible just a few years ago. Still, older anime have a special charm that makes them stand out and beats even the flashiest new series.


10Old school art styles are more charming

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If there's one thing that stands out about old anime, it's their art styles. Compared to today's more uniform stylesclassic anime art has much more charmand personality. With more stylized features, bright colors, and interesting character designs, old-school anime art styles still hold up years later and show how memorable and iconic they are.

Many modern fans love the retro aesthetic of older titles, and some series have even attempted to capture their essence in a modern form. Needless to say, old school anime have a very appealing style even if their graphics aren't that advanced.

9Using cel animation gives better results

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There's no denying that the rise of digital animation has done wonders for the anime industry. Technology has helped animations become clearer, smoother, and better all around. But still,Classic cel animation is unbeatable.

It might be an outdated art form these days, but that doesn't mean it isn't effective. In fact, some of the best looking anime series are the old classics in this style. To this day, many fans swear by this technique and find cel animation far more visually appealing than modern computer animation.

8Many old-school series were groundbreaking and paved the way for future titles

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In the early days of anime, almost every new title brought something new to the medium. With no set format, genres explored many themes never before seen on screen, breaking new ground with each series released.

As a result, old-school anime paved the way for modern series, and many continue to inspire modern-day anime to this day. fromDragon BalltoSailor Moonand more, these well-loved classics set the standard for every genre, and without them, anime wouldn't be the amazing medium it is today.

7Older series have more originality

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Many fans no longer complain that anime all appear the same. Whether it's the standard isekai format or a typical battle shonen, modern series often tend to stick to what works and never stray off the beaten path.

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In contrast, old-school anime has a lot more variety. No two titles are alike, making stories feel a lot more original and exciting. Since the medium took off years ago, series often explored many different stories and themes that many fans could never hope for in a modern series.

6Niche genres get more time in the spotlight

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While modern anime has more genres than ever before, a select few dominate the landscape, including isekai, shonen, and comedy. With so many titles from these popular genres taking center stage, many other niche genres have been pushed aside and forgotten. Fans of genres like shojo or mecha can hope to maybe get a new series, while the bigger genres end up with several.

This isn't as much of a problem with old-school anime, where every genre is explored and has a plethora of titles for fans to try out.Anyone who is a fan of niche anime genreswill be pleased to know that they can most likely find an entire library of old-school classics in their genre of choice.

5Old-school anime places more emphasis on storytelling than visual elements

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It's true that older animes don't always look that appealing. What they lack in visuals, however, they make up for in their storytelling. Old-school anime tend to focus heavily on their storylines, and compared to newer series, they often have much more unique plots and more detail in each story arc.

With more episodes and longer series, older anime usually have the leisure to slowly build on their stories, making them more impactful overall. As long as fans can see past the outdated graphics of old-school anime, they'll enjoy the complex storylines of many classics.

4Old school anime characters are more iconic

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One thing that really separates old school anime from modern day anime is the characters. When fans thinkthe most iconic anime characters of all time, many immediately think of the classics. Of adorable heroines likeSailor MoonsUsagi Tsukino orderCard Captor SakurasSakura Kinomoto to more daring protagonists like Arsène Lupine IIILupine III, there is no shortage of amazing classic characters.

Many of these old-school characters left a lasting impression on anime history that continues to influence modern characters today. By comparison, most modern characters aren't as memorable, and few make any impact on the medium at all. While there are some iconic new characters, they still have a lot less impact than the characters from the older generations.

3Older anime emphasized quality over quantity

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Today, anime is bigger than ever and there's no denying that fans have access to more titles than ever before. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time, because the oversaturation of the market has lowered the quality of many series.

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In the days of old-school series, anime was a lot harder to come by. However, as fewer titles were released each year, greater care was given to each series. As a result, many older animes are much better quality overall than their modern counterparts, proving that quality always ends up being more important than quantity.

2Old-school anime series are often more memorable

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When fans think of old-school anime, they can list many different titles from a variety of genres. Even decades-old series are still fondly remembered by their viewers and new fans can also get involved. That's not always the case with newer anime.

In fact, most modern series are pretty much forgotten by comparison. They may experience a surge in popularity with everyone talking about them, but after a while that hype levels off and the series is all but forgotten. Even some of the most popular modern titles may not stand the test of time as well as the classics.

1Nostalgia makes old-school titles even better

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If modern fans argue that old-school fans simply prefer the classics out of nostalgia, they're not wrong. Granted, nostalgia is a big part of why old-school anime is so successful to this day. There's just something so calming about itReboot of an old favorite series, and often fans can discover new things to love about an old anime by rewatching it.

Most try to paint nostalgia as a bad thing, but frankly, old-school anime does it even better. It allows fans to go back and relive the good old days, when life was simpler and anime had an exciting new flair.

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