21 Best NBA Young Boy Hit Songs (2023)

21 Best NBA Young Boy Hit Songs (1)

NBA Youngboy, also known as Youngboy or Youngboy Never Broke Again, is a Louisiana rapper who has garnered a huge following since rising to stardom at the age of 16. With a reputation for lyrical complexity and aggressive beats, it's no surprise there are many NBA young-boy hits. Here are just a few of them.

„Bandit“ von Juice WRLD & NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2019

"Bandit" is a single released in October 2019 by rapper Juice WRLD, who collaborated with NBA Youngboy. The track was a 3x platinum release in the US and charted in several countries.

The track is not about thieves but instead focuses on Juice WRLD actively pursuing a woman who is already in a relationship. Bandit was released just two months before Juice WRLD passed away at the young age of 21.

„Outside Today“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2018

'Outside Today' was Youngboy's biggest hit until the release of 'Bandit', both of which went 3x platinum as singles. The song peaked at number 31 in the USbillboardHot 100 and performed well on streaming services like Spotify.

Youngboy's raw emotions in his singing and uncompromising lyrics are evident on "Outside Today". Produced by DMacTooBangin, "Outside Today" focuses on the rapper celebrating his wealth while trying to avoid constant press attention.

„Slime Belief“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2019

"Slime Belief" is the second song from Youngboy's album,real, released in December 2018. It narrowly made the US Top 50billboardHot 100 and went 2x Platinum.

The song has a typical sound for an NBA young boy record, with an aggressive tone and lyrics, lots of emotion and no excuse for living a lavish but dangerous lifestyle. "Slime Belief" is the perfect representation of Youngboy's musical personality.

"Doesn't Make Sense" by NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2019

One of Youngboy's biggest hits is "Make No Sense". The song went viral thanks to several popular memes and TikTok videos, expanding its audience into the mainstream.

The track regularly serves as an introduction to NBA Youngboy's music, making it one of his most notable releases. In the song, he talks about wanting to maintain his "thug" image while celebrating the wealth his career has brought him.

„Self Control“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2019

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"Self Control" is the fifth song from the NBA Youngboy albumAI Youngboy 2. It performed well on YouTube and Spotify and was certified platinum in the US.

A "cult classic" among Youngboy's biggest fans, the song features introspective lyrics alongside fast rap and a hard and aggressive beat. "Self Control" has a celebratory focus that looks back on Youngboy's struggles and the loss of loved ones.

„Kacey Talk“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2020

Youngboy pays tribute to his one-year-old son Kacey Alexander Gaulden and the boy's mother in the track "Kacey Talk." The song was Youngboy's biggest hit from his 2020 albumTop.

Notable for the unique and experimental vocal inflections Youngboy employs, "Kacey Talk" stands out from his extensive discography of relatively similar musical aesthetics. Along with the sweet focus on his son, Youngboy also raps about how to tell a real friend from a fake one and how some women in his life probably won't stick.

"Murder" (feat. Trippie Redd) by NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2018

"Murda" is the most popular song from Youngboy's hit record released in 2018.Decided.The song features Trippie Redd, a polarizing artist in the hip-hop industry due to his different approach to the genre. Still, the duo was a perfect match to create a track with smooth beats.

Although stylistically different, NBA Youngboy and Trippie Redd both have powerful, emotional voices. With a dark beat and consistent harmony, the two rappers delve into the dark experiences Youngboy had to go through trying to earn a living. The artist openly reveals that he believes his soul is compromised by the things he feels he had to do.

„38 Baby“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2016

"38 Baby" was one of Youngboy's first songs to gain serious traction, garnering the most listeners of all 14 tracks off his 2016 album of the same name.

The song was released when NBA Youngboy was just 16 years old, but this song shows how the rapper was emotionally mature from a young age. Even as a teenager, Youngboy was raw and unapologetic with his words. "38 Baby" exemplifies this with lyrics referencing the street he grew up on and a revelation that he never goes anywhere without a gun on him.

„No Smoke“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2017

"No Smoke" helped propel NBA Youngboy to superstardom thanks to its appearance on the albumAI Youngboy. The rapper already had quite a following, but he's never had a release as commercially successful as "No Smoke."

When many people think of NBA Youngboy's music, they may recall aggressive lyrics set on a hard beat but with an innate calm in it. "No Smoke" is the embodiment of these qualities.

The track's lyrics show Youngboy's apparent disregard for dangerous situations. Youngboy even goes so far as to threaten all enemies with dire consequences should they ever get in his way.

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„Untouchable“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2017

"Untouchable" was published in hisAI Youngboyalbum alongside his biggest hit at the time, "No Smoke". Although the song wasn't quite as popular, it played a significant role in the album's success.

In the lyrics, Youngboy reminisces about his rough childhood and how he made it to where he is now. He reflects on how many times he wanted to give up before finally setting out on the path to success.

This track happened to be the last NBA Youngboy recorded before he went to prison for first-degree murder. After being released from prison in 2017, he re-recorded "Untouchable" and chose the track as his first commercial release.

Given the circumstances of the time, "Untouchable" offers a much more introspective version of Youngboy that his fans don't typically get to hear.

“Graffiti” by NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2017

"Graffiti" was the third biggest hit on NBA Youngboy's commercially successful album,AI Youngboy. Although "Graffiti" didn't chart, it still managed to go platinum.

Youngboy offers a softer beat than some of his fans may be used to, and touts his resilience to those who oppose him. On the track, Youngboy calmly expresses his willingness to respond to violence with violence.

Nevertheless, the lyrics reveal that Youngboy is torn inside. He laments the pain he must endure and the fear that he might die along the way.

„WUSYANAME“ (feat. NBA Youngboy) von Tyler, The Creator

21 Best NBA Young Boy Hit Songs (2)

Song year: 2021

When it comes to NBA young boy hits, "Wusyaname" ("What's Your Name") is the most unique track the rapper has ever appeared on. Tyler, The Creator is an artist many would say is at the opposite end of the hip-hop spectrum from young boy.

A surprise appearance on Tyler's 2021 album, The CreatorCall me if you get lost, Youngboy gave what many have described as the rapper's best verse. Youngboy's powerful voice combined with Tyler's artistic direction resulted in this record becoming one of the biggest hits of 2021.

The track is a love song in which Tyler tries to show off a girl he's interested in by promising her a bright future filled with luxury.

"Solar Eclipse" by NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2018

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"Solar Eclipse" is a popular song from Youngboy's 2018 albumUntil death calls my name(UDCMN), which garnered a sizeable following on Spotify.UDCMNwas another commercially successful album following the breakthrough of YoungboyAI Youngboy,Released in 2017.

The song focuses heavily on the lavish lifestyle that Youngboy has been living since he found fame and money. He acknowledges the bad influences that have marred his personal relationships, but also notes that he is not infallible. Given that, the rapper sometimes finds it hard to resist the many temptations that come with being a successful artist.

„WiFi“ von DaBaby & NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2022

"WiFi" is the only song that wasReleased in 2022listed on this list. In 2022, DaBaby andNBA-Youngboyreleased a joint albumBetter than you. "WiFi" is the fourth song on the album and quickly gained five million listeners.

This track is aggressive and heavy, even by NBA Youngboy standards. He and DaBaby rap over a piano-based beat with raw bass meant to kick unnecessarily hard. The lyrics express violent intentions, with what appears to be repeated threats made against anyone using Twitter.

„No Love“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2018

"No Love" is the second track on this list, taken from Youngboy's 2018 albumDecided. It received the second most listeners on the album.

Much like the rest of the album, "No Love" focuses on how the rapper's life has changed since he achieved so much money and fame. Youngboy seems to be sending the message that he's not going to change just because of his newfound success, and raps about how he still leads a dangerous lifestyle, although he can leave that lifestyle if he wanted to.

„Genie“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2017

"Genie" is from Youngboy's 2018 album,Until death calls my name(UDCMN).UDCMNis a 20 track album with multiple hits, but "Genie" still managed to be the third most popular song on it.

Youngboy raps about his problems and his inability to deal with them effectively. These problems lead Youngboy to express longing for a genie to magically appear and solve his problems. In an intro to the track, Youngboy goes so far as to call "genius" a "pain song" about how his raw emotions are poured out.

"Through the Storm" by NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2018

Another song by YoungboyUDCMN, "Through the Storm" quickly went viral and became the second most listened to track on the album.

The title alludes to his surviving his struggles in life ("the storm"). He talks about his resilience and how he struggles to withstand all the things that try to drag him down, which specifically relates to relationships and drugs.

"Love is Poison" by NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2018

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"Love is Poison" is the fourth track of the albumUDCMNappear on this list.

As the title suggests, "Love is Poison" is primarily about Youngboy's failed relationships and how he feels about them in hindsight. The song has a distinctively smooth beat based on a piano rhythm, accompanied by aggressive lyrics by Youngboy, aimed at his ex-lover.

„You the One“ von NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2017

"You the One" is the most popular song from one of Youngboy's lesser-known projects of 2017.Is not too long.

While Youngboy has earned a reputation for being aggressive and emotional in his music, he appears to be in a calm and rational frame of mind on the track. Speaking directly to his then-lover, he offers a more mature version of Youngboy that doesn't often manifest.

“Bring ‚Em Out” by NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2019

"Bring Em' Out" is a standalone single released in 2019. This title is widely known in sports communities such as football or basketball.

The "go get em" message at the heart of the song perfectly relates to athletes and makes it a staple at many events.

„Hate Me“ von Trippie Redd & NBA Youngboy

Song year: 2019

"Hate Me" is a song released as part of Trippie Redd's 2019 album.A love letter to you 4. "Hate Me" marks the second collaboration between the two artists and was another hit for the duo.

Many fans love listening to Youngboy on beats that differ from his normal style, and the rapper often experiments in collaborations with other artists. Youngboy and Trippie Redd created a melodic, emotional song that has modern rap characteristics similar to "Murda". The track revolves around a turbulent relationship that seems to lack trust and genuine love.

Top NBA Youngboy songs, last thoughts

NBA Youngboy has one of the most ardent fanbases of any artist. That can be credited to Youngboy, who offers a level of emotion and reality unseen by anyone elseartists in rap.

Youngboy has released several successful albums and singles, many of which have gone viral on platforms like TikTok. From "Bandit" to "No Smoke," these NBA young boy hits display impressive versatility and lyrical range.

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