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Almost all Alpharetta employees are entitled to work injury benefits from the first day on the job. Workers' compensation applies to all workers, from young professionals to top executives and everyone in between. Despite this broad coverage, however, many aggrieved workers have difficulty getting their workers' compensation claims paid.

John Foy & Associates has the experience and expertise to deliver results. We've been helping injured workers get their workers' compensation benefits for more than 20 years, and we know how the system works and what we need to do to get you paid. Call our workers compensation attorneys at Alpharetta for a free consultation today.

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A construction worker who fell from a ladder holds his injured leg in pain. Let our Alpharetta workers compensation attorneys get you the compensation you need to heal and recover. Don't hesitate to make an appointment for a free consultation today.

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Why should you hire an employment law attorney?

In 2019 it was 2.8 millionemployer-reported nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. While many of these injured employees received fair compensation, many more were ripped off by the insurance companies.

Insurance companies are businesses and their only interest is to save money. Many people find it hard to believe, but the insurance companies are reluctant to pay you the full amount of compensation that you need. That is why in these cases it is necessary to fight back and get the money you deserve.

Our workers compensation lawyers in Alpharetta will:

  • Help collect evidence of your workplace injuries.
  • Deal with the insurance companies and represent your best interests towards them.
  • Handle all your communications with other parties.
  • Speak to witnesses and consult experts to provide supporting statements.
  • Help you understand the legal options available to you.

Hiring one of our Augusta workers compensation attorneys offers many benefits. We never accept prepayments. OurResultsAndcredentialsshow our hard work, dedication and experience in achieving our clients' goals. If we cannot get you an agreement, you owe us absolutely nothing for our services.

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How does employee compensation work at Alpharetta?

If you get injured at work, you shouldn't have to take your employer to court to get compensation for your injuries. The government established the Workers' Injury Program to provide injured workers with an easier path to financial recovery. The program serves two purposes:

  • It provides medical care and financial support to injured workers like you
  • This is done without the need for a lengthy and expensive legal battle

All employers are required by law to have workers' compensation insurance that covers workers injured at work. So if you are physically injured at work, the policy will protect you.

It's important to understand a few things about workers' compensation. First, it's not a government handout. Instead, it's an insurance policy that your employer paid for primarily through deductions from your paycheck. Second, you are entitled to work injury benefits for any workplace injury, regardless of what caused it or how it occurred.

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What damages does the workers' compensation insurance pay in Alpharetta?

All costs of an accident at work are covered by the accident insurance, including lost wages if you were unemployed as a result of an accident. For most claims, you can count on these benefits:

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  • Medical care, including doctor visits, emergency rooms, surgeries, and tests
  • Prescription drugs and medical devices
  • Physiotherapy for recovery
  • Vocational training if you need it to return to work
  • The cost of traveling to and from healthcare providers at $0.40 per mile
  • Loss of wages and reduced earning capacity. Workers Compensation issues a paycheck that's smaller than what you normally get but is tax-free.

If you have a disability or a permanent illness, you are entitled to even more financial benefits. You can also receive benefits if an accident at work claims the life of a close family member.

We know that money can never compensate you for a life-changing injury or tragic loss, but we also know that serious injuries have a big financial impact. Workers' Compensation Insurance can help you get the care you need and stay on top of your bills while you continue your healing process.

What injuries are covered by Alpharetta Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers' Compensation Insurance covers almost all injuries that occur in the workplace. Guilt doesn't matter as you're covered no matter who or what caused the injury. It also doesn't matter how you were injured

The injury does not have to be related to your job. You're covered even if you trip up the stairs or slip in the break room. You don't have to blame anyone to receive benefits.

Some of the most common injuries we see are related to the construction industry. It is not uncommon for construction workers to be injured by falling debris, construction machinery or electric shock. But we also see injured office workers with desk jobs, restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and people in just about every industry or profession you can think of.

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What if you injured yourself outside of work?

Workers' compensation covers injuries that happen at work, so injuries that occur outside of your place of work are generally not covered. Fortunately, the program also accounts for certain injuries that occur when you work off-site. For example, you can receive compensation if you are injured in any of the following circumstances:

  • During a business trip
  • Driving a company car
  • While running an errand as part of your job
  • While attending an off-site meeting
  • While working remotely

Unfortunately, if you get injured on your way to or from work, your injuries are unlikely to be covered. However, if you injured yourself in your employer's parking lot or on the sidewalk, you may be able to receive benefits.

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Does Workers Compensation Cover Mental Health Injuries?

Work accident insurance primarily covers physical damage. However, if you experience trauma or other mental illness along with a physical injury, both your physical and mental injuries are covered.

But unless you're physically injured, worker's compensation doesn't cover psychological treatment. So you could recover from both physical and psychological wounds after being physically assaulted, but not from psychological problems caused by verbal harassment.

Can you get workers' compensation without suing your employer?

Yes. Workers in Alpharetta are not even allowed to sue their employer for accidents at work. Workers' Compensation Insurance has completely replaced the usual system of lawsuits and courtrooms. This is good for workers for several reasons:

  • Lawsuits can take a long time; Worker Compensation brings you benefits faster
  • Lawsuits are unpredictable; Workers' compensation is a simpler system with fewer variables
  • Lawsuits force you to take action against your employer; Workers' compensation is a claim with an insurance company

Many injured workers are unsure whether to file a claim for damages. They fear losing their job or other consequences if they make claims against their employer. But if you're filing a worker's compensation claim, don't blame your employer. You're just making an insurance claim.

Most employers are supportive and want the very best for you. Unfortunately, it is the insurance companies who will try to deny your claim. But you stand a much better chance of a full financial recovery if you have a good Alpharetta workers' compensation attorney working for you.

The statute of limitations for worker compensation claims in Alpharetta

The general limitation period for claims for damages by employees accOfficial Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) §34-9-82gives you one year from the date of your injury. However, keep in mind that this is just a general time frame. Even if you have a year, it is not in the interest of your claim to take that long to submit.

Workers' compensation insurance companies may try to downplay your injuries and use the time it took you to file as proof that you were not actually injured. The longer you let time pass, the harder it becomes to get proper compensation. So don't wait too long to contact one of our workers compensation lawyers in Alpharetta for assistance.

Speak to a Workers Compensation Attorney at Alpharetta for Free

If you are injured at work, you are entitled to full financial compensation. At, we've been helping people like you recover work injury benefits for more than 20 years. Give us a call or fill out the form to the right and get your FREE consultation today.

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