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Arknights: In-Depth Review - Vigil (2)

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Vigilit is the future6tactical vanguard wellness operatorthe syracuseevent.Vigilis our third 6★ Wellness Operator, and this one focuses on unconventional interactions throughout its summoning, with a particular focus on burst damage. Despite this,VigilIt is often considered one of the worst operators within its rarity, so what happened? Let's find out!

Il Siracusano - Event page CN


Vigilcan be obtained throughthe syracuseevent quests you can claimVigiland their Potentials by reading event stories unlocked after completing stagesES-1,ES-3,ES-4,EN-ST-2,ES-8yThe history of Laponia Saluzzo.

Before proceeding with the review itself, a refresher onVigilThe archetype of is in order.tactical vanguardsare alignedvanguardsable to deploy atactical pointinside ofsniper shooter-as range. Thistactical pointcan block one enemy at a time, and theVanguarddeals 150% damage against enemies blocked by thetactical point, but does not necessarily prioritize them.


General statistics

In general, this section tends to be uninspiring since similar stats tend to be within the same archetype, but in this case, these stats are very important to the discussion ofVigilthe feasibility of First, the easy part: Compared toblack night ymagic beans, his stats are higher across the board, as expected.

Now, the hardest part: it's notVigilthe statistics themselves that make it mediocre, but itscitation. part of what it doesVigilso unique is the way yourtactical point, hepack of wolves, it works, which I'll talk about more in depth in his Talents section, but it has a pretty nasty effect on how his stats balance out as a result.

When compared toblack night'ssleepy footomagic beans'smetal crab, hepack of wolveshas less than half the max HP of the first and 800 less than the second, sitting at a very low 1100, less Attack than both and less Defense than themetal crab. His aforementioned Talent tries to fix this problem, but in the end and without any additional way to protect himself, thepack of wolvesit ends up being easily taken down by most even remotely threatening enemies.


Wolf Pack Leader

WhenVigilunfolds, you can summon atactical pointwithin the range consisting of twowolf shadows. a newwolf shadowspawns every 25 seconds, up to a maximum of 3. For everywolf shadowin the pack, he gains 1 Block Count and his attacks deal 1 additional hit. When the pack's HP reaches 0, awolf shadowit is removed instead of the entire package.

This is the crux ofVigilniche and the reason why your statisticspack of wolvesthey balance so strangely. His stats are significantly lower than any othertactical vanguard'stactical pointbecause it is expected to have multiple stacks of thewolf shadowsat all times. This, in turn, conflicts with the remarkably low individual HP of eachwolf shadowand the lack of good roads toVigilto generate more or keep safe the ones you already have.

This mechanic ofVigilsome unique niches, like being able to deploy a summon that always requires at least 3 single hits to kill or having a Block Count of 3, which is unheard of amongvanguards(and not good for him considering his summon's low stats). These niches, however, are not particularly useful in any part of the game, soVigilhe ends up being relegated to acting in niches that nobody cares about.

wolves nature

when eitherVigilor thepack of wolvesattack an enemy blocked by thepack of wolves, ignore 175 (+25 on P5) Defense.

This talent fits decently well intoVigil's kind of fast DPS and low attack, and while it helps with weaker mooks, it doesn't suddenly make its performance particularly noteworthy.


Skill 1: Call of the Pack Leader

Arknights: In-Depth Review - Vigil (5)

When activated automatically,Vigilimmediately gains 7 DP and spawns onewolf shadow. This Skill has an SP cost of 21

This is the very simple equivalent of othertactical vanguardThe first Skills of , whose purpose is to quickly regenerate your summon if necessary.

InVigilIn your case, this Skill is a bit more interesting because of how it interacts with the different states of thepack of wolves, having slightly different effects depending on how manywolf shadowsIf there are none left, this Skill will immediately regenerate one and reset the timer on your first Talent to 25, if there are 1 or 2, this Skill will spawn onewolf shadowwithout refreshing the timer, and if all 3 are present, it will just fully recover the HP of thepack of wolves.

While this type of Ability is generally not the way to go for this archetype (particularly forblack night), it's the only wayVigilhave to keep yourpack of wolvessafe, so it can sometimes be used in conjunction with that minimum number of hits your summon can survive to give it some kind of pseudo-blocking feature, auto-trigger notwithstanding. Don't expect much though, it's stillVigil.

Skill 2: Pack Leader's Gift

Arknights: In-Depth Review - Vigil (6)

When activated automatically,Vigilimmediately gains 2 DP. The next attack onpack of wolvesperforms deals 200% damage and restores their HP by 20%, and grants 1 additional DP if this attack kills an enemy. This Skill has an SP cost of 5

This Skill has by far the highest DP/s generation potential of allvanguardsin the game, even beating the classicBanner Bearer's Vanguardpowers likeElysiumyMyrtle.

The keyword here, of course, ispotential.

The devil really is in the details of this Skill, and I'm not talking about how the bonus DP effect on kill won't kick in on something stronger than an early dog ​​run. The real downfall of this Skill is something the game doesn't mention at all: until thepack of wolveshas spent this increased Attack charge, the Skill can never be cast again.

This meansVigilwith this Skill equipped has a problem similar toI look forThe second Skill of , where you need to have enemies constantly blocked by thepack of wolvesto gain any DP due to the incredibly short cycle time of this Skill and the lack of any sort of charge retention method.

Even worse, thepack of wolvesit's really not made for this kind of work. Their stats aren't good enough to withstand tougher enemies, and the inability to heal means that no matter what, they'll eventually go down. when everythingwolf shadowsthey left,Vigilthey'll become easy prey for the 25 seconds it takes for a new one to regenerate and consume the attack charge so the Skill can be cast again, and at 1100 HP there's no guarantee they won't die again immediately afterwards, or be come back killed by any ranged enemy.

Skill 3: Dignity of the Pack Leader

Arknights: In-Depth Review - Vigil (8)

When it is activated,VigilHe gradually gains 12 DP and his attacks become triple. When attacking enemies blocked by thepack of wolvesboth he and hepack of wolvesdeal additional Arts damage equal to 50% ofVigilThe attack. This Skill has a cost of 35 SP and a duration of 15 seconds.

This Skill acts asVigilThe main form of "burst" damage, results in a rather mediocre 1.6k burst without the block effect. The damage itself can be enough to kill slightly tougher enemies if this secondary effect kicks in and thepack of wolveshas the maximum number of 3wolf shadows, but this also means they have to be blocking the enemy, which puts them at risk and will almost certainly cost you a couple ofwolf shadows. With no way to respawn them and no burst fast enough to prevent this entirely, you go back to waiting for them to respawn on their own.

After the constant fights thatVigilhas through his kit, this Skill is massively held back by the poor balance attempt on thepack of wolvesstats, resulting in a Skill that attempts to mimic the rapid-cycling burst offlame tailbut ends up puttingVigilSummons in jeopardy, all for a result that isn't even that great and a horrible 30% uptime.

Conclusion (tl;dr)

So should I buildVigil? Are their tricks unique enough to warrant a place in my group? Is your DP generation worth it? The answer isDEFINITELY NOT. As is,Vigilis easily one of the worst 6★ operators in the game, with a team that stumbles at virtually every opportunity and accomplishes little to nothing even when assuming ideal circumstances. Despite this, you should probably still gather your potential items as they are completely free and do not require any coins.

Note, however, that the method of obtaining them is different from the usual token purchase from previous Wellness Operators, so it remains to be seen if we'll get a Certificate of Distinction payload once the game runs again. event.

Arknights: In-Depth Review - Vigil (9)

Good luck shooting, Doctor!

Arknights: In-Depth Review - Vigil (10)

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