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Arknights is a tactical tower defense/RPG mobile game developed by Hypergryph, a Chinese game developer. It follows a free-to-play model and was initially released in China on May 1, 2019. It later became available in other countries on January 16, 2020, and in Taiwan on June 29, 2020. Arknights can be played on Android and iOS platforms and it incorporates gacha mechanics, which are commonly found in games of this genre.

The game revolves around the tower defense mechanic, where players use various characters known as "operators" as their defensive towers. These operators are used to defend against waves of enemies. One of the notable aspects of the game is its diverse cast of characters, each with a unique appearance, personality, and abilities.

The game is set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future on the planet Terra. In this world, individuals exhibit kemonomimi traits, which are traits reminiscent of animals or mythological creatures. Arknights encompasses an elaborate backstory and lore, gradually revealed through character profiles, dialogue, and in-game events.

Players assume the role of a "Doctor", a medical professional who specializes in treating the infected. They join the organization called "Rhodes Island" with the goal of finding a cure for a devastating disease that has plagued Terra. Arknights features an eclectic soundtrack that draws inspiration from various Western and Asian music genres.

The game offers voice acting in both Japanese and English. It has received praise for its art style, music, and character designs. Pocket Gamer has praised the game for its long lore and high production values. In addition, Arknights has cultivated a vibrant fan community, leading to popular fan-created content and memes, ranging from artwork to music remixes.

Arknights Module Tier List

Arknights boasts a wide selection of over 40 character modules, and the developers have exciting plans to expand this list even further in upcoming updates. As new characters are introduced we will continually update this comprehensive guide and categorize them within our ranking system.

  • S-Tier List: These modules stand out as the crème de la crème, possessing exceptional abilities and unmatched strength. Acquiring a Tier S module should be a priority for players.

  • A Tier List – These modules are fantastic alternatives and serve as great substitutes if you can't get a Tier S module.

  • Tier B List – While not the most powerful, these modules are worthwhile additions, particularly in the early stages of the game. They can provide support and help your A-tier and S-tier characters.

  • C-tier list: It's a good idea to avoid including these modules in your group, especially if your goal is to erase content efficiently.

  • Tier List D: These modules are not worth investing in or using, and are best avoided altogether.

Wheel Module Tier List

  • S-Tier: There are no wheel modules in S-tier at this time.

  • Nivel A: SPC-X, MSC-X

  • Nivel B: SPC-Y, MSC-Y

  • C-Tier: CHA-X, CHA-Y

  • D-Tier: There are no wheel modules in D-tier at this time.

Defenders Module Tier List

  • S level: GUA-X, PRO-Y

  • A-Tier: HES-Y, GUA-Y

  • Level B: PRO-X

  • Nivel C: HEX-X

  • D-Tier: There are no defending modules in D-tier at this time.

Guard Module Tier List

Medical Module Tier List

  • Level S: RIN-Y

  • Nivel A: WAH-Y, PHY-X, PHY-Y

  • Nivel B: RIN-X, WAH-X

  • Level C: There are no medical modules in level C at this time.

  • Tier D: There are no medical modules in Tier D at this time.

Snipers Module Tier List

  • Nivel S: ARC-X

  • Nivel A: ART-X, ARC-Y, MAR-X

  • Level B: ART-Y, MAR-Y

  • Level C: DEA-X, DEA-Y, SIE-X

  • D-Tier: There are no sniper modules in D-tier at this time.

Specialist Module Tier List

  • S-Tier: CON-X

  • A-Tier: EXE-X, CON-Y, HOK-X

  • Level B: EXE-Y, PUM-X, PUM-Y

  • Level C: MER-X

  • D-Tier: There are no specialized modules in D-tier at this time.

Followers Module Tier List

  • Level S: SUM-Y

  • Nivel A: DEC-X

  • Level B: SUM-X, DEC-Y

  • Tier C: There are no support modules in Tier C at this time.

  • D-Tier: There are no support modules in D-tier at this time.

Vanguards Module Tier List

  • S-level: CHG-Y, SOL-X

  • Level A: CHG-X, SOL-Y

  • Tier B – There are no cutting edge modules in Tier B at this time.

  • Tier C – There are no cutting edge modules in Tier C at this time.

  • D-Tier: There are no cutting edge modules in D-tier at this time.


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Arknights: Module Upgrade Priority Guide

Module updates represent the last frontier when it comes to improving operators. Not only do they require substantial investment before becoming accessible, but they also require a larger amount of materials compared to other types of upgrades. Surprisingly, the improvements they offer in terms of stats and effects are usually negligible. These updates have been categorized into different priority modes, which we will discuss later.

In the high-priority category, two notable updates stand out. First off, Myrtle's mod improves her DP generation by 10%, providing a significant boost to her early-game DP-generating ability. Second, Shaw's modulus increases her pushing power by 10%, making her an even more effective pusher.

Moving on to medium priority upgrades, we have the Silverash module, which extends your S3's attack range by 1 tile. This extension simplifies hitting enemies with this ability. Additionally, Eyjafjalla's mod increases the damage of her S2 by 10%, making it a more powerful ability.

In the Low Priority category, we find Mostima's module, which extends the attack range of your S2 by 1 tile. However, this upgrade isn't as advantageous for Mostima as it is for other operators, since their S2 already has a wide attack range. Similarly, Ceobe's mod increases the damage of his S2 by 10%, but since his S2 already deals significant damage, the utility of the upgrade decreases. There are several more module upgrades in the game.

It's essential to remember that this is a general guide and prioritizing specific modules will depend on your play style and the operators you use. Also, it's worth noting that modules are continually updated, which means that the priority of certain modules may change in the future.

Arknights Trailer

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Arknights Module Tier List - FAQ

1. What is the purpose of the module level list?

The module tier list ranks character modules based on their strength and abilities.

2. How many levels are there in the module level list?

There are five levels in the module level list: S, A, B, C, and D.

3. What does S-tier represent in the module tier list?

S-tier modules are the strongest and have exceptional abilities.

4. Are there any defender modules on level D?

No, there are no defending modules on level D.

5. Are the Tier List modules subject to change?

Yes, the tier list is continually updated and the rank of modules may change over time.

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