Art Subject - Full List, Syllabus, Degree and Scope 2023 (2023)

What career opportunities are there for an art student?

Various career options are available for an art student in the fields of law, management, teaching, media, hotel management and tourism, fashion design, etc.

Arts Stream Topics [COMPLETE 2023 List]:The art field, which used to be considered the least preferred branch, has now gained prominence as it offers myriad career opportunities across all sectors. When trackingFine arts courseslikeBachelor of Fine Arts,Masters of Fine Art, etc. Arts Stream is one of the oldest streams in the world. The final date for admission to UG and PG courses is approaching, so art-related students are searching Google for more information about arts themesis defined as an academic discipline concerned with the study of the human condition, reasoning, the development of the student's critical and creative skills. Studying is compulsoryfive compartmentsalong with few electives. Hindi, Political Science, Economics, English, History, Geography are too well-known currents in art.subject artThese include History, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, etc. The first question students ask is the list ofsubjectsinartsStrom?

In general, however, a Fine Arts degree provides students with a solid knowledge and understanding of the history, theory, and practice of the chosen art form. Students also develop their own creative and technical skills that enable them to produce original works of art.

Art is a diverse field with a range of career opportunities across different sectors and industries.

Bachelor of Arts oder BAis one of the most popular UG programs. Recognized for developing critical reasoning and creative perspectives among students, the art stream has grown in popularity over the generations due to its varied career options in different sectors. Some of the most popular subjects are history, political science, psychology, economics, sociology, etc. After graduating in any of these subjects, one can choose to pursue a career in journalism, law, management, public service, teaching, etc.

The art stream depends on it alone, be it reading literature, imagination and inspiration, philosophy or painting. Art strengthens the students' self-confidence and identity. Art builds the ability to explain the world around us. Art is very important in our life. It's difficult to live without art. Students improve their problem solving skills because the arts teach students how to solve their problems and find a good solution. Majors in Arts Stream include Economics, Geography, Hindi, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Regional Language, Sociology, etc. Majors in Arts Stream includeEconomics, Geography, Hindi, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Regional Language, Sociologyetc. Wondering which type 12 job is the best? Read this blog to find all subjects, courses, jobs and salaries for 2023.

Art subjects in grade 11, courses, jobs 2023

If you are wondering "How many subjects are there in art class 11?“The student has various employment opportunities in the art field. The student can become a fashion designer, graphic designer, digital marketer, insurance manager and many more. Art has a good future for the students. The student should have good communication skills. The students can get a good salary package.

Arts Stream majors are History, English, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Geography.

Art Subject - Full List, Syllabus, Degree and Scope 2023 (1)

It includes methods that are usually analytical, critical, or speculative. The subjects in this stream section are humanities, visual arts, literary arts, and performing arts.

Students with a creative mind and excellent communication skills who are interested in living and investigative work can gain insights that will help them develop their personality.

  1. The humanities subjects are aimed at the creative skills of the students.
  2. It improves students' thought process by presenting a broader picture of society and the world through the study of language, history and psychology.
  3. Students interested in learning about world affairs, historical events, social issues, and human psychology can explore the art stream.
  4. Students studying art must be inclined towards theoretical learning as the subjects offered are mainly theoretical.
  5. If the candidates want the door to open to them in different directions, they can choose art as their subject. Because it is the open subject that allows the candidate to freely choose their preference.
  6. An art student will be able to think creatively and critically during and after the course. He/she will gain the ability to manage time to meet deadlines. Effective communication, leadership and teamwork are skills that students will definitely learn while engaging in art and this in turn will enhance their personality. Art students need to be highly motivated and determined to succeed throughout their studies and their future careers.


The humanities and arts offer a wide range of subjects from different areasHistory, language and literature, philosophy, performing arts to law, communication, religion, and much more.

Subjects include the development of analytical and critical thinking and general knowledge. The subject includes all facets of learning about the world, society, people and culture.

Various lines are open to candidates who take art as a subject.

List of artistic subjects

  1. Story
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Sanskrit
  5. business
  6. political science
  7. Psychology
  8. Philosophy
  9. Geography

Career Opportunities in Arts Stream

Because the Arts Stream covers a wide range of subjects, there are many career opportunities. Art students can work in a variety of fields depending on their interests, skills, and scope of study. The candidates can make a career in this stream.

The different career options for an art student are:

  1. Law: Law is considered one of the top career options after completing the program. An aspirant can choose one of the career options such as B.: Management consultant, work in law firms, legal publications and lecturer in law school.
  2. administration: Management is a profession, art and science. Management professionals are needed in all areas. An art student has two choices: First, after completing 11th and 12th grades in the arts field, they can opt for management majors such as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or BBM (Bachelor of Business Management). Second, after graduation, the student can pursue MBA course for 2 years, PGDM course in various specializations like Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations etc.
  3. Teaching– Teaching is the greatest of all professions. You can become a school teacher, college teacher, professor, etc. You can also start your coaching and teaching centers. Teachers shape students' lives by providing guidance and knowledge to students.
  4. media– The media industry is constantly growing. Media are considered the fourth pillar of the country. Media includes various mediums such as radio, television, newspaper, magazine, etc. If you want to build a career in media industry, you can become a journalist, radio jockey, news reporter, news anchor, news editor, public speaker, etc.
  5. Hotel management and tourism– Hotel management and tourism is another very broad field. India has many tourist spots and many local and international tourists are attracted to these places. Therefore, providing them with adequate services such as hotel and accommodation services, etc. is of paramount importance. In hotel management and tourism, professionals are developed to take care of all the needs of tourists.
  6. fashion design: Creative students can participate in these programs and pursue an autonomous career after the program. Fashion and design have various specializations that students can complete during their diploma and bachelor studies. Fashion designers have the opportunity to work with the film industry, fashion agencies, textile companies, etc.
  7. Journalism:Journalism is a field that occupies an irreplaceable place in national development. In our country there is an increase in media and communication channels. The viewer base is also huge. Therefore, there is a lot of wiggle room in the journalism industry.
  8. IAS/IPS:IAS is the Indian Administrative Service Officer holding the highest position in administrative services. IPS is the Indian Police Service which comes after the IAS post. Students must pass the UPSC CSE exam to become an IAS/IPS officer. The students who are clear about pursuing a career in the Indian administrative services usually choose the arts branch. The study of the civil service examination is very extensive and a student has to devote a lot of time to the study.
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A career in the Arts Stream after graduation

Art is the stream that offers students the most career opportunities. Students can take technical, professional and undergraduate programs for their undergraduate and graduate degrees and choose from the careers they wish to pursue. Also, they can pursue their career in the field of art as they can take dance courses or music along with various courses like art, journalism, filmmaking and various others. The stream artwork at different scales.

Arts offers career opportunities in law, history, architecture, language and literature, media and communications, fine arts and more.

The right is the preferred career option for the students. A student can choose from options such as litigation, business consulting, legal publishing, working in law firms, or even becoming a lecturer in law schools. The candidates can have a good career in the legal field as well as choose the candidates for various jobs and become a lawyer by doing law degree.

  1. If a student is interested in politics and world affairs, they can pursue a career in political science and public relations. They can represent the country and work with various international organizations as political analysts, research assistants or, fortunately, as diplomats.
  2. Civil service is a prestigious career that allows you to take part in the governance of the country. To become a civil servant, a student must pass the UPSC exam so that they can be appointed to various government offices.
  3. There is another good option where a student can explore their creativity and managerial skills by learning about food, catering, and administration and management of the hotels. It's called hotel management.
  4. Students with an imaginative and creative mind can pursue a career in fashion, textile, jewellery, interior or graphic design to hone their creative skills.
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Subject list Bachelor of Arts

After completing grade 12, a student can choose their career path from several undergraduate programs available today.

Here is the list of all available courses.

  • BA in political science
  • B.A. in History
  • B.A. in English
  • B.A. in Economics
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Bachelors in Performing Arts
  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor in Legislativrecht (B.A. + L.L.B)

Art subjects in class 11

There are many subjects that offer arts and humanities under literary arts, performing arts and visual arts. The subjects help prepare students for some of the most prestigious and high-paying career opportunities. These subjects focus on improving critical thinking, creative thinking and general knowledge. Students with creative minds can opt into the Arts Stream.

  • Economics - this subject focuses primarily on the study of cell production demand and the supply of goods and services at the individual and larger levels.
  • History - deals with important historical events of the world and country, the process of evolution of mankind and civilization from the past to the present.
  • Psychology - this subject deals with understanding the behavior and spirit of human development.
  • Geography - this subject deals with physical parts of the earth in studies of the relationship between humans and nature.
  • Political Science – Many students tend to study political science. So let's understand what it means. Political science, social science in a way, deals with government, political aspects, constitution and law. This subject is also called polity.

Additional artistic subjects

There are also electives that students must choose. The subjects will also become part of their grades 11 and 12.A large number of professional courses depend on the combination of subjects that a student takes in the 12th grade.

There are some electives

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Applied
  • Arabic
  • Assamesisch
  • Bengali
  • Bhatia
  • you will be
  • advertising graphics
  • computer science
  • To dance
  • entrepreneurship
  • Fashion studies
  • French
  • Deutsch
  • Chart
  • Gujarati
  • home science
  • computer science practices
  • Japanese
  • Kannada
  • Kashmir
  • legal studies
  • Lepcha
  • Limbo
  • Malayalam
  • Manipuri
  • mathematics
  • Media Studies
  • English
  • Music
  • Nepali
  • Odia
  • painting
  • Persian
  • physical education
  • Punjabi
  • Russian
  • Sanskrit
  • Sculpture
  • Sindhi
  • Spanish
  • Tamil
  • Tangkhul
  • Telangana
  • Telugu
  • Telugu AP
  • Tibetan
  • Urdu

Employment for Art Stream

There are hundreds of job openings for liberal arts and arts students. Therefore, liberal arts students have a wide range of opportunities to choose from on a daily basis. Art probably offers students the most sought-after and generously highly paid career alternatives.

For example, after graduating in literature one can become a lecturer, enter the media and advertising sector and become a copywriter.

Likewise, after graduating in economics, one can work in a bank, financial consultancy, research company, etc.

Let's take a look at some of the options available to art students

INR 2-3 Lakhsaverage salary
Animation and graphic designer3-4 lakhs
Hotel Management5-6 lakhs
attorney5-7 lakhs
write content2-3 lakhs
journalistsINR 2-4 Lakhs
fashion designerINR 2-3 Lakhs

Here in this article we have written about the arts subject in which we have briefly described the arts subject (humanities) in which different languages ​​and subjects are featured. There are hundreds of platforms after the candidate graduates, so they can easily get a job in multiple fields. Candidates can complete their art degree by following the above details along with the procedure.
We hope you found this article helpful.

The major subjects covered in the Arts stream are:

political science.

Future in the art stream

workstarting salary
content author₹2 lac to ₹4 lac per year
fashion designer₹3 lak per year
filmmakers₹5 milk per year
Professor/Academic₹5 milk per year
psychologist₹4 lac to ₹5 lac per year
scientific Assistant₹3 lac to ₹4 lac per year
Social-Media-Manager₹3 lac to ₹4 lac per year
Social worker₹2.9 lac to ₹4 lac per year
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