Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Options Glasgow | abbey clinic (2023)

Glasgow tops escalating drug and alcohol death toll in Scotland (1).

Many families suffer and struggle to find help for their loved ones. The only solution to substance abuse is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

fight addiction

Fighting drug or alcohol addiction will not be easy.The rehab processis long, and starting a journey of recovery takes a lot of discipline.

It will create a burden for youfamily and loved onesmostly because addiction treatment places you in an inpatient detox rehab facility and requires you to develop healthy coping mechanisms for prescription medication, drug and alcohol use.

Because alcohol and drug addiction negatively affects you and your family, some will support you and others will condemn you.

Don't despair, however, as there is a better life and world ahead of you, especially after a stint in inpatient rehab.

About Us

At Abbeycare Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation in Glasgow we specialize in providing addiction detox treatmentslong-term recovery strategiesto help alcohol and drug users break the cycle of addiction and mental health problems and move forward successfully in life.

Drug rehab for treatment is one of the most successful treatment options available.

How do we help?

We help by working closely with our clients and their support network to help them regain complete control of their lives. Drug and alcohol abuse is not the end of the road. There is always help.

Abbeycare's Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation team is made up of highly experienced, caring and dedicated adjunct specialists dedicated to helping people recover from alcohol and substance abuse and achieve sustainable long-term recovery.

residential rehabilitation

Our Glasgow rehab offers inpatient rehab, mental health support, outpatient treatment for aftercare programs, behavioral addiction support, dual diagnostic assessment, prescription medication for withdrawal symptoms and effective addiction treatment.

We also offer help for problem gambling when it is caused by alcohol or substances.

Additionally, when you call us for the first time, you will receive free and confidential advice on our addiction treatments, help with severe addiction, mental health support and getting rid of your alcohol use.

If you or your relatives are addicted and need support in this area,please contact us immediately.

The Hard Journey

It can be a tough road to begin with because it's almost always difficult to accept that you have a drug and alcohol addiction problem.

Most people die because of denial. Denial is the process of rejecting the idea that you need help. Drug and alcohol abuse can actually drain a person's life and cause them to become unreliable.

Being addicted to too many drugs or even having a drinking problem is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Some of our former patients are running an effective treatment program with free follow-up care. We have counselors who will accompany you throughout your alcohol rehabilitation treatment at our Glasgow rehab and go the extra mile to provide free support once treatment is complete.

Abbey care offers:


  • Self-help groups for mutual help
  • A free confidential assessment
  • A residential program
  • Consulting Psychiatrist
  • A smooth recovery process
  • Excellent therapy sessions
  • Outstanding treatment programs

In addition, we offer treatment for other behavioral addictions at all of our treatment centers to ensure that any other addiction you are suffering from is treated well.

One of the most common side effects of alcohol and drug addiction is mental health problems.

Mental health

If you suffer from an alcohol use disorder, you will almost certainly suffer from mental health problems. Our addiction help not only deals with excessive drug and alcohol consumption, but with everything else you may suffer as a result of your mental illness.

All of this is now being discovered during our admissions process. Please reach us today at01603 513 091and start your journey to success with us.

The best time to seek rehab is now, before the long-term pattern of addiction has become established in your life.

Abbeycare Clinic near Glasgow

Abbeycare owns and operates its Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Scotland. Located in Erskine, 9 miles west of Glasgow city centre, this residential clinic servesCarmyle,Mount Florida,Anderston, Moospark,Baillieston,Bearsden,Parties,trading town,battlefield, and all surrounding areas of Glasgow.

Alcohol rehabilitation in Glasgow requires careful control of the levels of addiction available in this area. For this reason, we strongly recommend an inpatient rehab program.

So do we, of coursehave outpatient therapy,However, this is best when you are done with your addiction treatment and are now in the aftercare phase.

Drugs can seriously affect your life. They can cause you to have difficulty making decisions, meeting your needs, andbe productive even at work.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

So a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic is the answer. Don't let drugs mess up your life. Alcohol rehab in Glasgow will put your life back in order.

It is ideal for seeking alcohol or drug rehabilitation in Glasgow as it is conveniently less than an hour from the city.

What else?

The building stands on a 0.49 hectare plot and is located in a modern residential area with good access to local amenities.The rehabilitation center can accommodate up to 32 clients.

For quality patient care…

We limit the number of clients to ensure quality patient care and personal attention. A comfortable room with adjoining facilities is available for each private customer.

We also look after our patients individually. Not all drug addicts are the same, not all alcohol addicts are the same. We understand this very well and are more than willing to ensure you reach your ultimate potential.

Having a drug and alcohol abuse problem is not a last sentence. It's reversible. Let's do this with you.

Our in-house clinical experts will guide you, take care of you and ensure you leave rehab with a new outlook on life. Ready and willing to start your life over again.

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Abbeycare Glasgow serves the entire Glasgow area including:

Shawlands and Glasgow South(inkl Mansewood,Crossmyloof,Pollokshas,Pollock shield),Scottstone, Hyndland,drum band,Darnley,White Customs,Cowcaddens,Anneland, Moospark,Gowan, AndHillington.

Non-binding drug and alcohol addiction assessment

Abbeycare offers a no-obligation phone assessment to discuss your needs and concerns confidentially with our admissions team.

The free assessment will give you a first understanding of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and how it affects your life and those around you.

The assessment is also an opportunity to meet our treatment specialists and other healthcare professionals who will support you on your journey to recovery.

They give you an overview of the center's treatment program and guide you to the most important areas that could potentially be your next home during your stay.

Visit the clinic before you decide

Abbeycare also offers the opportunity to visit the clinic, tour the premises, speak to the staff, ask questions and get a feel for Glasgow rehab.

The visits are free and there is no obligation to continue. Do not hesitate to contact our admissions team directly on 01603 513 091 for more information.

Types of drug addiction treated

As a comprehensive rehabilitation centre, Abbeycare Glasgow offers professional alcohol treatment for the different types of substance abuse (e.g. alcoholism and substance abuse).

We can also work with behavioral addictions, such asSex,Shopping,or eating disorders, where they are derived from a primary alcohol or substance use problem. Contact us directly for advice tailored to your needs.

Substance abuse and alcohol dependence involve excessive and uncontrollable consumption or use of substances. This type of substance abuse usually involves a medically assisted withdrawal detox.

Behavioral problems, on the other hand, can originate from psychological disorders or problems that occur at the same time.

Working with your individually assigned Case Manager,We can help create a care planindividually tailored to your circumstances and requirements.

Abbeycare intensive care program

Abbeycare offers an intensive alcohol treatment program that allows clients to detox and address the underlying causes by developing coping strategies for a lasting recovery.

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is also time dependent. Inpatient stays allow for a greater focus on therapeutic and 12-step outcomes to maximize the likelihood of successful long-term recovery.

If you or your loved ones suffer from alcohol abuse, remember that you don't have to fight independently. We are here to help you deal with your problem.

You will receive a treatment program tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Alcohol or drug addiction is a personal challenge. That's why we take an individual approach to help you.

Get help with your alcohol addiction today

Addiction treatment requires the best. Abbeycare Rehabilitation in Glasgow offers inpatient treatment and first class careincludes group therapy, access to alcohol services,individual therapy, long-term recovery and excellent rehabilitation at the highest level.

Our treatment center is qualified by the Nursing Inspectorate to provide alcoholism services in Glasgow. Without our treatment center, the substance abuse therapies will surely help you live a sober life.

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Our treatment options

It starts with detoxification

We will start you off with detoxification and also take care of the causes of your alcohol and drug addiction.

Breaking substance abuse is not easy, and detoxification treatment during drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the first step. Drug and alcohol treatment at Abbeycare Rehabilitation Center is individualized to ensure you receive the best addiction treatment available.

When it comes to addiction treatment, we don't get to play. Drug rehabilitation is a process that requires understanding, love and dedication.

At Abbeycare's drug rehabilitation facility, we will be with you every step of the way. We'll hold your hand and make sure you emerge victorious in the end.

For the rehab process to be successful, significant behavioral changes are required during treatment.Recovery success rates depend on itsolely on the individual's willingness to change and long-term commitment to those changes.

Glasgow drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities such as Abbeycare offer a tailored treatment program and comprehensive screening process.

The treatment plan is tailored to the needs of the individual during drug and alcohol rehabilitation and our process is regularly monitored throughout the program.

Medically Assisted Withdrawal

Patients suffering from alcohol or drug addiction may require thisa medically assisted withdrawal detoxification processwhich is an integral part of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

This includes taking the necessary medications to control the cravings and withdrawal symptoms a patient experiences when stopping alcohol or drug use. The process is complemented by proper nutrition to help restore physical health.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This psychotherapeutic treatment is designed to help identify the underlying issues behind one's difficulties and to help them manage them by changing thoughts, feelings and behavior. CBT work is often done in a small groupcombined with dialectic behavioral therapy.

Work in 12 steps

Our therapeutic program integrates both the 12-Step Model of Addiction Healing and CBT. From experience, we have found this combination to be particularly effective in helping people identify the underlying thought patterns behind addiction and begin to address them.

An essential pillar in the ongoing aftercare work are aftercare offers such as self-help talks, sponsorships and specialized recovery groups on siteand relapse prevention, ifThe inpatient treatment is complete.

Holistic sustainable therapies

Depending on the current program content, various holistic therapies can be offered, which can be continued beyond inpatient rehabilitation.

Examples of holistic therapy

It is holistic as it touches every aspect of a patient including body, mind and spirit. Examples include massage, reiki, reflexology, and daily journaling, where you write about your life, your thoughts, and reflections on your day.

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Inpatient addiction treatment

Also known as inpatient addiction treatment, this program involves staying at the center for the duration of the treatment program to ensure patients follow the drug and alcohol rehabilitation structure and schedule, receive appropriate supervision, join alcohol support groups, and have the opportunity to get away from their usual daily routine.

its importance

This allows for individual focus and helps us escape from the negative influences and temptations found in our ordinary world and social circles.

The inpatient treatment also offers group therapy sessions where patients with similar ailments can help each other on the road to recovery.

Our aftercare program

Follow-up support refers to a series of regular therapeutic programs, support, meetings, and community activities for patients who have successfully completed or completed their intensive rehabilitation treatment.

The aftercare alcohol rehabilitation centers can involve the patient's family for continued recovery.

frequently asked Questions

How fast can I get into rehab near Glasgow?

Very fast. After your call we are there for you immediately. The sooner you get into rehab, the better. The typical time frame between our first phone call and admission to the clinic can be as little as 24-48 hours.

Is there an aftercare program in Glasgow?

Yes. The Aftercare Alcohol Rehabilitation Program is an integral part of the Center's comprehensive therapeutic program to ensure a patient's continued recovery after the program is completed.

Why is inpatient alcohol rehab in Glasgow preferable to day care addiction treatment?

Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation allows you to disconnect from your surroundings and situations that create drug and alcohol use in the first place, which is a necessary step for effective recovery.

This program also allows for full immersion in the structured program, which includes regular monitoring and coordination with other patients working together towards a common goal.


How Abbeycare helps

Abbeycare rehab services offer multiple treatment options, including the following key options:

  • Free assessment
  • Medically assisted detox
  • Intensive inpatient rehabilitation program
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Holistic sustainable therapy
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • aftercare program
  • Treatment approved by the Nursing Inspectorate
  • 24 hour care
  • Individually assigned help from our addiction team

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