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It's been over 80 years since Superman first debuted in the pages of Action Comics #1 and jump-started the superhero genre. Since then, DC has spawned thousands of heroes and villains in countless comics, TV series, movies, and video games. But through it all, a select few have emerged as the cream of the crop. We heard Batman is still pretty popular.
As the DC Universe continues to grow and expand in comics, TV, movies, and games, it's all the more important to remember the heroes who have defended it all this time. That's why we rank the 25 greatest heroes living and fighting in the DC Universe. That of course leaves out independent DC franchises like Fables and Y: The Last Man, and we also left out the Sandman crew since they're a bit above the concept of good and evil. But everyone else in the DCU is fair game. Read on to see which heroes made it, and let us know your favorites in the comments section below.

The Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics

25Damian WayneTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (1)

As much as Tim Drake and Dick Grayson have become like sons to Bruce Wayne, there is only one true son of Batman. Damian surfaced as part of Grant Morrison's Batman run in 2006 (See it on Amazon). In the end, despite his prickly, arrogant personality, he had proven himself worthy of the Robin Mantle. Many consider him the greatest Robin of all. Despite heroically sacrificing himself in battle, Damian is now alive again and has set out to make a name for himself outside of his father's shadow.

24Das Atom (Ray Palmer)Top 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (2)

He shares his superhero name with the Golden Age Atom, but Ray Palmer is more of a scientist than a pugilist. His patented size-changing belt allows him to shrink down to subatomic size. This versatile power enables all manner of superhero adventures, from mind-boggling sci-fi to swashbuckling adventures. Ray's fortune has risen and fallen in recent years, from the tragic fallout of the identity crisis to his return to prominence in the latest DC comics and the Arrowverse. Despite all this, he remains the greatest hero to call himself "The Atom". (Check out Legends of Tomorrow: The Atom on Amazon)

23CyborgTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (3)

Vic Stone is more machine than human, but don't call him twisted or evil. Born of a near-fatal accident, he became one of the greatest of a new generation of Teen Titans heroes. Forget his enhanced strength and advanced weaponry - Cyborg's ability to tap into computer networks makes him one of Earth's most formidable heroes. Cyborg's star was already on the rise thanks to the Teen Titans animated series. But thanks to DC's New 52 relaunch and the Justice League movie, he's now firmly established as one of the founding members of the Justice League. (Check out Cyborg: Imitation of Life on Amazon)

22hawk girlTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (4)

Far more than just a female sidekick to Hawkman, Hawkgirl has established herself as a heroine on a par and even superior to her namesake. Maybe that's why she was the one cast as the lead in the animated series Justice League. Like Hawkman, Hawkgirl levitates on artificial wings and has all sorts of powers, which her Nth Metal Technology gives her. But while Hawkman is often a slave to the cycle of death, rebirth, and romance that ensnares the two of them, Hawkgirl would rather seek her own destiny. (Check out Hawkgirl on Amazon)

21StarfireTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (5)

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Starfire has strayed far from its original conception as "Red Sonja in Space". This hot-tempered alien princess traveled to Earth and became one of the core members of the 1980s Teen Titans, a group that often rivaled the X-Men in popularity. She has been a mainstay of the Titans in various incarnations since then. Much of Starfire's appeal stems from her cheerful personality and ignorance of Earth's culture and customs, elements that were heavily emphasized in the popular Teen Titans animated series. Starfire's adventures continue to unfold in comics like Justice League Odyssey and TV series like Titans and Teen Titans Go! (Check out the awesome1980s run of Teen Titans on Amazon)

20Jona HexTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (6)

Jonah Hex is far from the only cowboy hero at DC, but he has remained the most popular since his inception in 1972. Perhaps it's because of his distinctive, scarred face, or his rugged anti-hero personality. Perhaps it's due to the fact that he's a very versatile hero, starring in colorful supernatural adventures as well as simple, gritty Wild West stories. We've even seen him interact with some familiar modern DC faces in both the comics and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. This versatility will see Hex persevere even when his film career isn't looking so hot. (Check out Jonah Hex on Amazon)

19Booster-GoldTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (7)

If you're a shattered athlete in a world of futuristic technology, how can you regain that lost glory? By stealing some gear, of course, and traveling back in time to present yourself as the world's greatest superhero. People in today's DC Universe tend not to see Booster Gold as the great hero he envisions. It's more of a running gag. But he perseveres and has proven over the years that he really has what it takes. The combination of goofy humor and time travel antics always make it fun to follow Booster's misadventures. (Check out Booster Gold on Amazon)

18Black CanaryTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (8)

Black Canary is one of the oldest female heroes in the DC Universe, with the original being a World War II-era martial arts expert and core member of the Justice Society. But it's the modern incarnation that most fans remember. Dinah Lance combines her fighting skills with an evil sonic scream that staggers enemies. She was both the leader of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey, as well as Green Arrow's frequent lover. And thanks to shows like Smallville, Justice League Unlimited, and now Arrow, her Hollywood presence is constantly growing. (Check out Black Canary on Amazon)

17super girlTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (9)

Superman may be Krypton's last son, but he's not the only survivor. His cousin Kara Zor-El was also there. Supergirl has been a mainstay of the Superman franchise since her debut in 1959. Like Mary Marvel and Batgirl, she was an early example of a female sidekick who has developed a large following of her own. There were many versions of the character, some Kryptonian and some not. One of them even dated Lex Luthor for a while. But either way, Supergirl was one of DC's most powerful heroes and a standard for other female heroes to pit against. (Check out Supergirl on Amazon)

16John ConstantineTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (10)

John Constantine would probably resent being included on this list. This cunning magician tends to take care of himself alone, and his friends usually suffer the consequences. But even though his morals are often questionable and his smoking habits excessive, Constantine has saved the world many times. Debuting in the pages of Swamp Thing, growing into his own long-running solo series, being adapted for both film and television, he has now taken on a much more prominent role in the DC superhero universe. Constantine even led his own Justice League team, but he'd prefer you didn't use that name. (Check out John Constantine on Amazon)

fifteenBatgirl (Barbara Gordon)Top 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (11)

If not the first or last heroine to bear the Batgirl name, Barbara Gordon is by far the greatest. Babs was introduced to the comics just prior to her appearance in the 1960s television series, and she has been a staple of the franchise ever since. Her heroic mettle was put to the ultimate test when she was shot and paralyzed by Joker. As a computer expert Oracle, she proved that heart and will make a hero, not brawn. Babs got a second chance to be Batgirl in the comics and she continues to fight against all odds. (Check out Batgirl on Amazon)

14Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)Top 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (12)

Comic book fans tend to stick with what they know, and it's always difficult to replace a familiar hero with a newcomer. But Kyle Rayner beat the odds. Kyle was introduced as the new Green Lantern after Hal Jordan went insane and all but destroyed the Corps. In terms of personality and temperament, Kyle couldn't have been more different than Hal. But he thrived in the role and becametheGreen Lantern for a full decade. Though Hal has been redeemed and returned to service, Kyle remains an active hero and one of the few deemed worthy of wielding a White Lantern Ring. (Check out Green Lantern on Amazon)

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13MarsmenschenjägerTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (13)

As tragic as Superman's origins are, at least he was just a baby when he was ejected from his doomed world. J'onn J'onzz watched as his family, people, and entire Martian culture burned before his eyes. But instead of wallowing in misery for the rest of his days, the Martian manhunter has made a second home on Earth. He has found much in human culture to fight for, including his favorite delicacy - chocolate chip cookies. And with his Superman-level abilities, he's a force to be reckoned with. J'onn has been a recurring member of the Justice League in the comics and animated series, and we imagine it's only a matter of time before he makes his way to the big screen as well. (Check out Martian Manhunter on Amazon)

12swamp thingTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (14)

Many comic book publishers have different take on the story of a brilliant scientist who turns into a hideous monster. DC's most famous version is Swamp Thing. After his experiments with his "biorestorative formula" were sabotaged, Alec Holland emerged from the swamp as a lumbering, mossy creature known as the Swamp Thing. But although the character transitioned to television and film fairly quickly, much of The Swamp Thing's depth and enduring appeal came courtesy of Alan Moore's iconic comic book series. Since then, Swamp Thing has struggled with his connection to the mystical force known as The Green and the thorny issue of whether he's a man turned monster, or just a monster who thinks he once was one been man. (Check out Swamp Thing on Amazon)

11Green ArrowTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (15)

Green Arrow began life as one of countless Batman clones. He had his trick arrows, his teenage sidekick (Speedy), and even an arrow car and arrow den. But the character really came into his own several decades later, when he left the Playboy billionaire routine behind and became more of a socialist crusader to the people, like his inspiration, Robin Hood. Green Arrow is among the more grounded members of the Justice League, but his deadly aim makes him a really tough opponent. Green Arrow's popularity has exploded in recent years thanks to the Arrow TV series. Whether you prefer the swashbuckling adventurer or the fierce vigilante, Oliver Queen is a name everyone knows these days. (Check out Green Arrow on Amazon)

10AquamannTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (16)

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Aquaman was once the butt of pop culture jokes thanks to his portrayal in the Super Friends cartoons and their various spinoffs. Now he's the star of one of the greatest superhero blockbusters of all time. But as many fans will tell you, Aquaman was always cool. Not only is he as strong and capable in battle as anyone swimming miles beneath the sea would have to be, he is also the leader of the vast underwater empire of Atlantis. Aquaman's core appeal lies in the fact that his loyalty is constantly being tested. Does he side with the surface world, where he grew up, or with his people in Atlantis? (Check out Aquaman on Amazon)

9ShazamTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (17)

The hero once known as Captain Marvel (lawsuits convinced DC to change the name) was once more popular than Batman or Superman. Young readers identified with the concept of an ordinary boy who could transform into the world's most powerful mortal simply by saying the word "Shazam!"! Superman was the cool, confident dad, but Captain Marvel was more like a brother. Shazam never quite regained that popularity, but he has remained an important part of the DC Universe since they took over the character from Fawcett Comics. Between its modern comic makeover and its film debut, Shazam is poised for even greater things in the months and years to come. (Check out Shazam on Amazon)

8The Flash (Barry Allen)Top 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (18)

Barry Allen's debut in 1956 marks the beginning of the Silver Age of comics. Barry took over the mantle of Flash from Golden Age hero Jay Garrick. He quickly proved to be one of the most popular of DC's new wave of heroes, thanks to his near-limitless powers of speed, his colorful adventures through time and space, and his never-ending struggle to balance his superhero antics with his professional and personal lives. Despite his incredible speed, Barry always has a reputation for being late. Barry was killed in the 1986 Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, casting a long shadow over the rest of the DCU in the process. But he has since returned and resumed the mantle of the Flash, becoming a mainstay of both the Arrowverse and the DCEU. (Check out the Flash on Amazon)

7KatzenfrauTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (19)

For many years, Catwoman would not have had a place on a list of DC's greatest heroes. But she's slowly transitioned from antagonist to Gotham's defender over the past few decades. Selina Kyle may be a thief (possibly the best in the world), but she also fights fiercely for those she cares about. She's also one of the few people who can lead Batman on a fun chase. The two have developed a tenuous coexistence, with Selina defending her piece of Gotham and only occasionally clashing with her sometimes enemy/sometime lover. The two were even a stone's throw away from the wedding. A mainstay in pretty much every multimedia Batman adaptation, Catwoman has starred in both Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises. She even had her own solo film, but we're trying to ignore that one. (Check out Catwoman on Amazon)

6Der Blitz (Wally West)Top 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (20)

Kyle Rayner may have mastered the difficult task of establishing himself alongside Hal Jordan as a worthy, enduring hero, but only one DC hero has filled the legacy so fully that he surpassed his predecessor. That man is Wally West. This former teenage pal of Flash became Flash himself after Barry Allen died in Crisis on Infinite Earths. For the next 20 years, Wally became the defender of the sister cities of Keystone City and Central City. His status as a family man and his struggle to live up to Barry's reputation gave him a depth his mentor never had. It's telling that the Justice League animated series jumped straight to Wally instead of showing Barry as the Flash. Wally's fate has changed quite a bit in recent years, with the character virtually disappearing during the DC New 52 reboot, returning in DC Universe Rebirth #1, and then falling out of favor in Heroes in Crisis. But no matter what hardships life throws at him, Wally is worthy of the title of Fastest Man Alive. (Check out Wally West on Amazon)

5nightwingTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (21)

Batman is often referred to as the "Miracle" of DC's heroes, but that distinction truly belongs to Dick Grayson. Like his mentor, he overcame his childhood tragedy and became the defender of the people of Gotham City. But Dick also managed to escape the shadow of the bat. He transformed from Robin, the original teenage sidekick, to Nightwing, a full-fledged hero in his own right. Dick doesn't have the infinite resources and unbreakable will of Batman, but he keeps fighting nonetheless. And therein lies the core of his appeal as a hero. He's like DCU's Peter Parker. (Check out Nightwing on Amazon)

4Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)Top 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (22)

They used to call Sinestro the Greatest Green Lantern. Now Hal Jordan holds that title. As with Barry Allen, Hal Jordan helped usher in the Silver Age in DC by assuming the mantle of a well-known hero of the Golden Age. But with Hal came an entirely new mythology involving the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. Hal was the first person to ever wear a ring, and his adventures have taken him from one end of the universe to the other and places beyond. He's starred in a mediocre Hollywood film and a criminally underrated animated series. Hal has suffered as much as any hero in comics, and yet the fierce willpower that fuels his ring never falters. (Check out Hal Jordan as Green Lantern on Amazon)

3wonder womanTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (23)

Among the very first female superheroes, Wonder Woman has been a DC icon since her debut in 1940. She was created by the same psychologist who invented the polygraph test, which explains the magical "Lasso of Truth" she wears alongside her unbreakable gauntlets and Amazonian strength. Wonder Woman was a founding member of the Justice League in almost every incarnation of the DCU. She's as strong as Superman and as fierce as Batman. She's been a feminist icon for decades, long before she starred in one of the highest-grossing superhero films of all time. Anyone, regardless of gender or background, can admire Wonder Woman's strength and compassion for humanity. (Check out Wonder Woman on Amazon)

2BatmanTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (24)

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You can understand the various inspirations for Batman clearly enough. He's equal parts Zoro, Sherlock Holmes, and the Shadow. But put all those elements together and you get something really special. Since 1939, Fledermaus fans have been fascinated by the saga of a man who dresses like a bat to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. It is a saga that has played out in all media. Unlike most DC heroes, Batman has no superhuman abilities. All he has is the training, the resources, and most importantly, the will to wage a one-man war on crime. And it's a testament to that will that no one ever questions whether Batman has what it takes to stand alongside the rest of the Justice League. Any human who can defeat Superman through sheer cleverness deserves to be feared and admired. (Check out Batman on Amazon)

1supermanTop 25 DC Comics Heroes - IGN (25)

Whether or not you call Superman the first superhero depends on what your definition of "superhero" is. But whether he was first or not, he is undoubtedly the best. Superman is the purest distillation of everything we love about heroes. It has tragic, almost biblical origins - a baby thrown off a doomed planet, adopted by a human couple, and growing up to become the world's foremost defender of truth, justice, and the American way. Thanks to his Kryptonian physiology, he is a hero of almost unlimited strength.

But what makes Superman great is that it's not about "the American way." He cares for everyone regardless of creed, color or nationality. He's a man who should be deeply lonely and unhappy in the universe, but instead embraces his new home and shows us all a heroic ideal to aspire to. He's become an international icon, arguably more famous than Mickey Mouse, and he endures every makeover, reboot, and reinterpretation largely unchanged. What worked 80 years ago still works today. (Check out Superman on Amazon)

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Who is the #1 comic book hero on IGN? ›

Superman - #1 Top Comic Book Heroes - IGN.

Who is the number 1 DC superhero? ›

Whether you label Superman as the first superhero depends on what your definition of "superhero" is. But whether or not he was first, he's undoubtedly the best. Superman is the purest distillation of everything we love about heroes.

What is IGN's greatest comic book? ›

'Immortal X-Men' Named IGN's Best Comic Book Series or Original Graphic Novel of 2022 | Marvel.

Who is the biggest villain in comics? ›

50 best comic villains ever
  • The Joker. Despite wearing make-up, praising chaos and loving competition with his enemy too much, The Joker is one of the few super villains to have bested his superhero nemesis. ...
  • Venom. ...
  • Cyborg Superman. ...
  • Magneto. ...
  • Poison Ivy. ...
  • Doctor Octopus. ...
  • Dark Phoenix. ...
  • Bane.

Who is the coolest DC hero? ›

1 Batman Dominates The Pop Culture Landscape

While Nightwing might be the coolest to his fellow heroes, Batman is undoubtedly the coolest hero in the real world. So complete is fans' adoration of Batman that he can be found on practically any product and in practically any piece of adapted DC media.

Who is the coolest DC character? ›

Superman is the ultimate icon of the DC Universe; the perfect hero. He has a reputation as a boy scout and has been regarded as rather lame at times. However, Superman is one of the coolest characters in the DC Universe.

Who was the 1st superhero? ›

Created by Lee Falk (USA), the first superhero was The Phantom, who debuted in his own newspaper comic strip on 17 Feb 1936. It recounted the adventures of Kit Walker, who donned a mask and purple outfit to become The Phantom – aka “the ghost who walks”.

Who are the big 3 in comics? ›

In the world of DC Comics, three heroes reign supreme: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The trio, commonly referred to as the DC Trinity, packs a powerful punch. But they weren't always the closest of friends.

What is the rarest comic? ›

The original issue of Superman No. 1 (1939) is one of the most rare and valuable comic books ever sold as of 2023. In December 2021, Superman No. 1, the first standalone comic featuring the Man of Steel, sold for $2.6 million at Comic Connect.

Who is the king of comics? ›

There's a reason why Jack Kirby, co-creator of such iconic comics characters as the Fantastic Four, Black Panther, and Captain America, is called the “King of Comics.” Considered one of the great innovators in the history of American comics, Jack Kirby (1917-1994) is arguably the greatest superhero comic book artist of ...

Who is favorite super hero? ›

It's a bird, it's a plane — it's Superman, earning the title of “America's favorite superhero,” according to research. A survey of 2,000 Americans pinpointed respondents' favorite heroes, and Superman led the pack with 47% of the vote.

Who is powerful villain ever? ›

In that regard, it's hard to deny that Thanos is the most powerful of them all. The Mad Titan is a formidable warrior who manages to kill Loki and defeat Hulk within the first few minutes of Avengers: Infinity War.

Who is number one super villain? ›

Thanos. One of the biggest-bads in the Marvel Universe is Thanos. Despite being heavily inspired by DC's Darkseid, Thanos has developed into his own man.

Who is the number 1 villain? ›

1Hannibal LecterThe Silence of the Lambs (2)
2Norman BatesPsycho
3Darth VaderThe Empire Strikes Back
4The Wicked Witch of the WestThe Wizard of Oz
7 more rows

Who is the kindest DC character? ›

1 Kindest: The Flash

Though not being able to save himself from the personal tragedies, The Flash will always stand as a shield when it comes to protecting the people of Central City and Keystone City.

Who is the best anti hero? ›

The Best Antihero Characters in Literature
  • Jay Gatsby. The protagonist of The Great Gatsby by F. ...
  • John Yossarian. John Yossarian, the protagonist of Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, is a bombardier in the U.S. Air Force in World War II. ...
  • Lisbeth Salander.
  • Changez.
  • Zhu Chongba.
  • Harley Quinn.
  • Sula Peace.
  • Tom Ripley.
Sep 21, 2022

Who is the most successful DC character? ›

Superman is one of/if not the first true superhero ever created and has survived decades of industry-wide changes. Superman is on this list of the most powerful DC superheroes because well, he's the benchmark by which all other superheroes are measured by.

Who was the first DC villain? ›

The Ultra-Humanite is the first supervillain faced by Superman and he is among the first supervillains of the Golden Age of Comics.

Who was the first black superhero? ›

The First Black Superpower

African Americans appeared widely in 20th-century comic books as both sidekicks and heroes, under such brands as All-Negro Comics and Timely Comics. Yet the world wouldn't see its first Black superhero until July 1966, in an issue of Marvel's Fantastic Four (#52). That was Black Panther.

Who is the first girl superhero? ›

Fantomah transforming. From Jungle Comics #15 (March 1941), art by Fletcher Hanks. The character preceded Wonder Woman's first appearance, and has been claimed to be the first female superhero in comic books.

Who is the giant girl in DC? ›

Giganta is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics publications and related media, commonly as a recurring adversary of the superhero Wonder Woman, and an occasional foil of the superhero the Atom.

Who are Marvel's Trinity? ›

Marvel's Trinity: Who Are They Really? Why is Thor, Cap, and Iron Man considered Marvel's "Trinity".. shouldn't the trinity include the most popular characters?

Is Big Hero 6 a Marvel? ›

Big Hero 6 is a superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and created by Man of Action.

What is the highest sold comic? ›

According to the most recently available data, the best-selling American single-issue comic of all time was X-Men #1, which was published in 1991 and has since sold almost 8.2 million copies.

How much is Superman #1 worth? ›

Price Guide Report

Who is God in the comics? ›

God in the Marvel Universe is often addressed as The One-Above-All, a rarely seen force that all other supernatural beings are subject to. The One tends to act through his intermediary, the Living Tribunal, and never takes a hand directly in the affairs of mortals. Thus, he doesn't make for very interesting stories.

Who is God in Marvel Comics? ›

God (One Above All)

The One Above All is the ultimate source of life and creation and the architect/creator of the Multiverse and everything that exists. The One Above All has stated that its "only weapon is love", which was further stated by the Watcher.

Who is the boss of DC Comics? ›

James Gunn has confirmed he has officially started work as boss of the Worlds of DC movies and TV shows. Last week, it was revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy director will act as co-chair and co-CEO of DC Studios alongside The Suicide Squad producer Peter Safran, taking over from DC Films boss Walter Hamada.

Who is the best comic book hero? ›

Popular Superheros
  • Batman. It's difficult to think of any superhero who is loved more than Bruce Wayne's alter-ego. ...
  • Superman. One of the most popular superheros today is still Superman. ...
  • Spider-Man. ...
  • Iron Man. ...
  • Wolverine. ...
  • Iron Man. ...
  • Captain America. ...
  • The Hulk.
Jan 28, 2020

Who is the first superhero in comics? ›

Created by Lee Falk (USA), the first superhero was The Phantom, who debuted in his own newspaper comic strip on 17 Feb 1936. It recounted the adventures of Kit Walker, who donned a mask and purple outfit to become The Phantom – aka “the ghost who walks”.

Who is the most heroic character? ›

Most heroic characters
RankAverage ratingName
197.7Bumblebee (Transformers)
296.5Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)
396.4Mulan (Mulan)
496.2Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
21 more rows
Dec 2, 2022

Who is the 89th greatest comic book character? ›

Moon Knight - #89 Top Comic Book Heroes - IGN.

Who is the coolest Marvel superhero? ›

Top 20 Best Marvel Characters of All Time
  • Doctor Strange. ...
  • Star-Lord. ...
  • Hawkeye. ...
  • Wolverine. ...
  • Hulk. ...
  • Silver Surfer. ...
  • Daredevil. ...
  • Captain Marvel. After being exposed to the Tesseract, US Air Force pilot Carol Danvers obtained cosmic powers, making her one of the strongest heroes in the entire Marvel universe.
Jan 29, 2023

Who was the first black DC superhero? ›

DC Comics' first black superhero to star in his own series was Black Lightning. He debuted in his self-titled series in April 1977. He was Jefferson Pierce, an Olympic athlete turned inner-city school teacher. Created by Tony Isabella and artist Trevor Von Eeden, he toted a voltage-generating belt and a white mask.

What is the number 1 hero? ›

Shah Rukh Khan. He is the most popular actor in India.

Who is an ideal hero? ›

He is honest and humble, courageous regardless of the odds, and compassionate to those around him. He always does the right thing and is committed to protecting the lives of everyone, regardless of the race of the being, all while doing his best to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.


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