Use gives in a sentence (2023)


  • It's that strange lightareyou this color.



  • He lets us pay taxes andarenothing back to us.



  • Thatareyou three hours.



  • I keep a record of each goat and how many pounds of milk they havearedaily when she reached peak performance and how long she nursed.



  • The moon is a fickle lover, like a beautiful woman... herareall her heart only once a month and leaves you before dawn...why do you fear the night?




  • ThisareI trust that in the wisdom-seeking systems of the future, people will be willing to share data to improve the algorithms.



  • However, this equation does not give us the value of the unknown factorareus a relationship between two strangers.



  • This placeareme who crawls



  • I tell him that for so longareher money, she'll never get out of trouble but he just says she's the only sister he has and he has the money.



  • Sure until someone snatches the whip out of your hand andareYou got the spanking you asked for.



  • WasareDo you have the right to poke around up there?



  • I guess I shouldn't have said anything, but can't you see how Alex treats you?areJonathan, a reason to question your authority?



  • Isareno diameter or wind pressure.



  • ReasonareExpression of the laws of inevitability.



  • It's only two blocks and itareme a chance to wake up




  • Aphro, hypo, werareDamn it.



  • If someoneareme some more definitive information about her, I'll tell you.



  • When I see a ghost and itareI'm having a hard time, I'll draw my gun and send it away!



  • nobody muchareanyway damn.



  • I bought one of those answering machines and let the phone ring until thenaremy messages and i find out who is calling.




  • This railroadareCuzco is a drain to the coast and also a direct connection with La Paz, the Bolivian capital.



  • The disturbing conditions of will, life and organic forces are eliminated from the problem; he begins with the clear and distinct idea of ​​extension, figures and moves, and from there according to mathematical laws hearea hypothetical explanation of all things.



  • But Muratori, reciting the account of a friend of Thomas,areno hint of foul play.


  • Plato, while admiring Pericles' intellect, accuses him of giving in to the mob; Aristotle in his Politics and especially in the Constitution of Athens, which is valuable in itarethe dates of the Pericles decrees as derived from an official document accept the same view.


  • In the Rabdologia hearethe chronological order of his inventions.



  • The city is built on a rocky hill that rises from the Guayangareo Valleyarea strikingly painterly appearance.


  • Mostly the farmerareto his cattle and pigs the grain of his own production and buys flour, which is at least no longer healthier, more expensive in the shop.



  • It is because they are disobeying the indication of Godarenor do they accept the forgiveness He readily offers to all.


  • The supreme commander never directly participates in the action itself, but onlyaregeneral orders for the movement of the mass of troops.



  • Every case I work onareI have that much more experience.

  • Thatarehim the right.

  • I always wear it when we're like this togetherareConsolation to him about our situation, which I know worries him greatly.

  • Then this one snotty nosearemy finger.

  • Area whole new dimension of poetic freedom, isn't it?

  • surearemany details, the borrowed knife, he looks up, she wears a disguise.

  • EsareYou a clue as to why the whole crowd wants to dismember Mr. Baratto bit by bit.

  • NeverareI'm a little worried.

  • I'm just thinking about BillieareI the willies.

  • You have to admit itareI have a much better chance of scanning the crowd for Byrne.

  • Isareyou an allowance?

  • Esareme all his might and strength to crush the barbarians and throw them all off the cliffs.

  • be a vetareYour connections that others may not have.

  • Horace Walpole, thearean unfavorable portrayal of his private character, acknowledging that Stone possessed "skills seldom surpassed"; and he had the distinction of being mentioned by David Hume as one of the only two men by Mark who had perceived merit in the history of England by this author when it first appeared.

  • In addition to various sounds generated at other times, an elephant when it is about to attackarevent to a shrill, loud "trumpet".

  • abovearean idea of ​​the accumulated evidence for the laws of chemical combination, laws which may be deduced from atomic theory.

  • In the second he not only increases his matter andaremultiplied applications of his ideas, but also follows the synthetic method, first explaining the laws he discovered, and then proving them by the facts to which they are applied.

  • It is a brown colored powder that is stable in air butarea higher oxide when heated.

  • Electrolysis of a solution in hydrofluoric acidareKobaltfluorid, CoF3.

  • A type of jelly cake called "Bakewell Pudding",areanother kind of glory for the place.

  • The collection of a large part of the departmentareIt is a temperate climate and allows the cultivation of crops and other temperate zone products.

  • By dry distillation itareAmmoniumcyanid.

  • EsareTerm for a shooting school in which officers are trained and experiments are carried out.

  • She keeps the object in view but, like Wordsworth, adds the visionary luster and yet receives from nature what she herselfare.

  • The first linearethe mean of the potential gradient, the second the mean excess of the largest over the smallest hourly value on individual days.

  • The third linearethe area of ​​the regular diurnal inequality, the next four lines the amplitudes of the first four Fourier waves into which the regular diurnal inequality was analyzed.

  • Thisarea convection current of 2.7 x 108 electrostatic units, or about 1/27 the conduction current.

  • It is noteworthy that hearethe same financial legacies to Winchester and New Colleges as to his own College of Magdalen, but to the latter he made steward of all his estates.

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  • But a careful study of the seventh poem of the last book, in which Propertiusarean account of a dream he had of her after her death leads us to believe that they had been reconciled, and that Cynthia, in her last illness, left her former lover the duty of doing her will in the disposition of her possessions and the arrangements for her funeral.

  • Simple double pitch roofs in common use are the "coupled rafter roofs", the rafters meeting at the highest point on a horizontal ridge piece which stiffens and stiffens the trussarea flat ridge line.

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  • So this angle is divided by the magnification power of the telescopearethe real angular distance of the centers of a double star.

  • The method of counting the total number of revolutionsaremore friction and is less convenient than that of Repsolds, and no provision seems to be made for the illumination of the micrometer head in the practical and convenient plan adopted by Repsolds.

  • The electric lamp aareIllumination of the ridges in a dark field, almost in the manner described for the Kap-passage circle micrometer; the intensity of the lighting is regulated by a carbon resistor controlled by screw b.

  • Aemilius Scaurus, praetor in 53 BC. Cicero, no doubt addressing his letter,arethem a very bad character, adding: "Let other good men from Sardinia forgive me; for I believe there are some."

  • The existence of such mixed affairsarelead to inevitable conflicts of jurisdiction which can, and sometimes have, led to civil war.

  • When the oil is brought to the surface it looks like a whitish-blue water thatareemits brilliant straw-colored rays and gives off a strong pungent odor.

  • Hamilton, "The measurement of several tails of the [European] wild cat and the domestic catarea range between 11 inches.

  • Esareno proof of science, he remarks, to possess a tolerable knowledge of the Roman language, such as the people of Rome once possessed.

  • They propose to find a simple and indecomposable point or absolute element thatareto the world and thought its order and systematization.

  • Plutarch (Pericles)aremany interesting details of Pericles' personal attitude, private life, and promotion of art, literature, and philosophy, drawn in part from the ancient comic poets Aristophanes, Cratinus, Eupolis, Hermippus, Plato, and Teleclides; partly from the contemporary memoirs of Stesimbrotus and Ion of Chios.

  • We note here that although RitschlareJesus occupies a unique and inaccessible position in His active relationship with the Kingdom, He refuses to rise above this relative teaching.

  • The happy coincidence of a lunar eclipseareus September 20, 331 as the exact day the Macedonian army crossed the Tigris.

  • Then he makes his Persian expedition; the Indian campaignareoccasion for descriptions of all kinds of miracles.

  • He goes on to tell us that this pitch was a tone, almost a tone and a half, higher than a suitable church tone (chorton) for which hearea diagram.

  • His determinations of pitch by a weighted wire are untrustworthy; Ellis thinks they're not safe within four or five vibrations per second, howeverarea mean pitch for this organ, when altered, of a' 395.2.

  • Stein tuned Mozart's piano to a fork a' 421.6, and the Broadwood pianos used at the first concerts of the London Philharmonic Society (1813) were tuned to a fork c 2 506.8, whicharea middle note a' 423.7.

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  • Esareits name of a Roman Catholic diocese whose cathedral is in Queenstown.

  • A closed furnace works mainly by convection; although when heated to a high temperatureareradiant heat off.

  • In the diaphragm valve, a thin piece of metal is attached to an outlet of the boiler, and when a moderate pressure is exceeded, thisareway to allow water and steam to escape.

  • The tablearethe logarithms of the sine for each minute to seven digits.

  • It was widely believed that John Napier was buried at St Giles's Church, Edinburgh, which was certainly the burial place of some members of the family, but Mark Napier (Memoirs, p. 426) quotes Professor William Wallace who wrote in 1832:arestrong reasons for believing that he was buried in the old church of St. Cuthbert.

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  • The three major rivers that make up the La Plata system - Paraguay, Parana and Uruguay - have their sources in the highlands of Brazil and flow south through a major continental depression, two of which form eastern boundaries and one of which is the Parana, which runs through flows to the eastern part of the republic. The northern part of Argentina therefore drains eastward from the mountains to these rivers, except for a few large inland depressionsarerise to a drainage that has no outlet to the sea, and except also in the “Mesopotamia” region, where small creeks flow west into the Parana and east into the Uruguay.

  • Another reportarethe arrivals in 1904 as 125,567 and the departures 38,923.

  • In the table belowarethe average production of zinc, silver-lead, iron pyrites and other ores during the five-year period 1901f 905.

  • The respective shares of the leading customs authorities in the country's Tfade can be found in the following tablearethe value of their exports and imports (general trade) in 1905 in millions of sterling.

  • The quaint architecture of the houses, many of which present their odd and pretty gables to the street,areStralsund has an interesting and old-fashioned appearance.

  • The extraordinary number of craters, some of which are said to still be active,areEvidence that the archipelago is the result of volcanic activity.

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  • The account that Herodotusareof hostilities between the two states in the early years of the 5th century B.C. has the following effect.

  • Sodium amalgam or zinc and hydrochloric acid reduce it to lactic acid, while hydroiodic acidarepropionic acid.

  • It is slightly oxidized slightly; nitric acidarecarbonic acid and oxalic acid and chromic acid, carbonic acid and acetic acid.

  • When heated with barite waterareuvic acid.

  • Native to western and southern Australia, the single species is about the size of an English squirrel, which includes its long bushy tailarethere a certain resemblance; but it lives exclusively on the ground, especially in barren sandy districts, and feeds on ants.

  • It is oxidized to boric acid on heating with sulfuric and nitric acids, while on melting with alkali carbonates and hydroxidesarea borate of the alkali metal.

  • But thisareno real idea of ​​the darling's true character, for it can hardly be said to be draining its own watershed.

  • They offer an almost flat surface to the intense play of the sun, so that this surface is heated up considerably during the day and at nightaredissipates its heat by radiation.

  • This ends in a long tip that is densely covered with white flowers. The grass treeareas distinct a character for an Australian image as the agave and cactus for the Mexican landscape.

  • In 1905 about 1,1,000,000 telegraphic messages were sent thatarean average of 2.7 messages per inhabitant.

  • In the second of these notes hearethe general formulas without demonstrations.

  • An article in the Spectator of February 17, 1883 by Lord Justice Bowen,areperhaps the best representation of Smith's exceptional personal qualities and influence.

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  • A line drawn diagonally through the center from the Isthmus of Kra to Cape Romania (Ramunya)arethe extreme length at about 750 miles.

  • Esarerise to various decomposition products such as pyridine, picoline, etc. when its vapor is passed through a red-hot tube.

  • With bromine in acetic acid solution at ordinary temperature, nicotine gives a perbromide, C10H10Br2N20 HBr 3, which with sulfur dioxide followed by potash,areDibromocotinine, C10H10Br2N20, from which cotinine, C10H12N20, is obtained by distillation over zinc dust.

  • If the vapor of this compound is passed through a glowing tube, the isomeric a0-pyridylpyrrole and its potassium salt with methyl iodide are obtainedarea substance that is methylated in both the pyridine and pyrrole nuclei.

  • The methyl group is removed from the pyridine ring by distillation over lime and the resulting a-pyridyl-Nmethylpyrrole is formedarei-nicotine on reduction.

  • The astringent principle is a special type of tannic acid, called quercitanic acid by chemists, which forms more stable compounds with gelatin than other forms,areOak bark is of great value to the tanner.

  • Robur than any other species, forms a thick trunk with a spreading base and, when growing in clearings or other open spaces, huge spreading branches, less twisted and gnarled than those of the English Oak and covered with a whitish barkarea marked sign to the tree.

  • Both of these oaks thrive well in British plantations where their bright autumn foliage, though seldom as decided in tint as in their native woods,arethem a certain pictorial value.

  • The bookare(1) evidence of witchcraft; (2) rules for discovery; (3) Criminal Proceedings.

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  • Let's assume the Celsius scale, thisare1390,846 foot pounds.

  • the latterarethe ratio of the length of working hours to the total time; e.g.

  • This type of crane used to be very popular because of the large ground clearanceareunder the boom, but it is expensive and requires very heavy foundations.

  • The galvanometer is adjusted so that a certain amount of current flows through one of the coilsarea certain deflection of the needle, the amount of leakage, expressed in terms of the insulation resistance of the wires, is given by the formula.

  • The average speed results very accurately from sun and star observations for the position of the ship. The difference between the ship's speed and the payout ratearethe amount of

  • I I the rim of the disc serves as a pointer and scalearethe percent slip or (N - n)/n.

  • A diaphragmarethe mirror moves in the vertical direction while the otherareit is a horizontal movement.

  • Due to the difficulty of maintaining a perfect balance with duplex cables, curb transmission is now not used, but the signals are transmitted using a device similar to the automatic Wheatstone transmitter used on fixed networks, differing from the latter only in terms of the alphabet differs employed; the signals from the transmitter operate a relay with heavy armatures, which in turn transmit the signals to the cable; this arrangementarevery firm signals, a point of great importance for good work.

  • As with other duplex systems, it is possible to obtain several approximately correct settings with the bridge and its accessories, but only onearea true balance, and careful experimentation is required to ensure this is achieved.

  • This hammer is arranged to vibrate when the armature vibratesaresmall taps on the underside of the tube and shakes up the shavings.

  • An important modification of this method makes it possible to transmit not only audible signals, but articulated words, andarea system of wireless telephony.

  • This is mixed with small charcoal and if redistilledarean enriched dust, and by repeating the process and distilling from cast-iron retorts the metal is obtained.

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  • Esarethe actual values ​​in one column, and tithes in another column, of each of the benefices in the Archdeaconry of Lothian.

  • The great variety of physical and social conditions throughout the peninsulaarecorresponding variety of agricultural methods.

  • In bad years, the tiller is alsoareSeed corn before the start of harvest.

  • Emiliaarea maximum rate of 10.48 per 100,000, while that of Liguria and Lazio is slightly below.

  • The minimum of 1.27 is found in Basilicata, although Calabriaareonly 2.13.

  • Natorp's article cited therearethe reference to the passage in Aristotle, but does not recognize its connection with the later Stoic distinction.

  • Not to mention the canonists Thomas Aquinasarenatural law an important place; while Melanchthon, drawing from Aquinas,areit is an entry into Protestant thought.

  • He alsoareus "natural law" 2 - a Stoic heritage that preserves the form of an idealistic appeal to systematic rational requirements while practically confining its assumptions to those of intuitionalism.

  • In Alciphron oder The Minute Philosopher Berkeleyarethe fullest exposition of this argument, while adding more everyday attacks on the pettiness of religious skepticism.

  • Finally, the ontological argument summarizes the truth in the two previous arguments, andareIt is a more worthy expression in his vision of the philosophical absolute.

  • Browning justifies as far as he can; if the argument fails him, hearea leap of faith.

  • Wallace (lectures and essays, incorporating Glasgow lectures)aresome useful historical references.

  • Polyp 7 has probative sense, 1 as its first bud, 8; as the second bud, a7, motion and nutriwhich begins a single-rowed leaflet; and thirdly t i on, to its bud I', which begins a biserial branch (I I'-VI') of a medusoid nature, repeating the main stem structure and organizationarefrom leaflets.

  • The first casearea colony composed entirely of polyps, as in many Hydroidea.

  • The second casearea colony composed partly of polyp individuals, partly of medusae individuals, a possibility also realized in many colonies of Hydroidea.

  • The third casearea colony consisting entirely of medusae individuals, a possibility perhaps realized in the Siphonophora, which will be discussed in treating this group.

  • The buds of margellium are produced on the manubrium in each of the four intermediate radii and they arise from the ectoderm, ie the germinal epithelium which laterareAscent to the gonads.

  • The spore cellareascend to a "spore larva" which is released in the coelenteron and grows into a medusa.

  • This parallels to some extent the cases described above in which a planulaareascend to the hydrorhiza and bud a polyp laterally.

  • The pneumatophore arises from the ectoderm as a pit or invagination, part of which forms a gas-secreting gland, while the restareascend to an air sac lined by a chitinous skin.

  • Woltereck [59], on the other hand, have shown that the ectodermal pitareThe ascent to the pneumatophore represents an entocodon.

  • Next the pit closes to form a vesicle with a pore, and so onareAscent to the pneumatophore.

  • Thus three appendages are budded off from the original planula, while the planula itself mostlyareascend to coenosarc, just as in some hydroids the planula is transformed chiefly into hydrorhiza.

  • The planula develops on the whole in a similar manner, but the ectodermal intussusception does not arise at the pole of the planula, but at the side of its broader part andareascending not to a pneumatophore but to a nectocalyx, the primary swimming-bell or protocodon ("parachute"), which is later shed and replaced by secondary swimming-bells, metacodons, budding from the coenosarc.

  • He makes a further contribution to a metaphysical view of evolution in his view of all finite individual things as the infinite variety, to which the unlimited productive power of the universal substance contributesareBirth.

  • Hegelarea place in his metaphysical system for the mechanical and the teleological views; but in his treatment of the world as an evolution the idea of ​​end or purpose is the dominant one.

  • But above all whatareThe phrases of Marcus Aurelius have their enduring value and fascination, making them superior to the utterances of Epictetus and Seneca because they are the gospel of his life.

  • This balmarea fragrant smell to the tree when the leaves unfold.

  • A papyrus from Sent, 3300 BC. BC,areInstructions for preparing recipes.

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  • In other species, however, one encounters a peculiar type of polystele, in which the original Diarch stelearerise into so-called dorsal and ventral stellate strands, which initially lie on the surface of the primary stele but eventually separate from it at a higher level to form distinct secondary stelae resembling the primary.

  • The extreme is the Caiyptrogen, thearerise to the root cap and in dicotyledons also to the hair layer.

  • The periblem, one cell thick at the apex, forms the cortex, to which the hairy layer belongs in monocots; and the plerome, which is almost always sharply separated from the periblem,areAscent to the vascular cylinder.

  • An ordinary cambium is scarcely ever found in the monocotyledons, but in certain woody forms a secondary meristem is formed outside the primary bundles, andareascend externally to a small secondary bark and internally to a secondary parenchyma in which numerous zones of accessory bundles are developed, usually of concentric structure, with phloem surrounded by xylem.

  • Schoutes Die Steldr-Theorie (Groningen, 1902),arean important critical account of this subject.

  • Very soon the single cellareAscent to a chain of cells, and this in.

  • This is a basic requirement of the protoplast and every cellareEvidence of his need by applying one of the different types of need fulfillment.

  • This pressure causes the woody vessels of both the root and stem to become filled in the early part of the year, before the leaves have spread, andareIncrease in exudation of fluid known as hemorrhage when young stems are cut in spring.

  • The absorption of these rays implies that the pigment absorbs radiant energy from the sun andareus some explanation of its ability to build up carbohydrates, which has been mentioned as a special work of the apparatus.

  • Esarea characteristic red-brown reaction with iodine solution.

  • This body has been termed the blepharoplast, and in the pteridophytes, cycads, and ginkgosareascend to the spiral band on which the cilia are formed.

  • The ridged surface of the eartharethe land surface a star-shaped figure, which may have changed its outline from time to time, but has been, for the most part, constant.

  • Thisareits unity and definiteness, and renders superfluous the attempts made from time to time to define the boundaries separating geography from geology on the one hand and from history on the other.

  • His work Suma de Geografia, printed in 1519, is the first Spanish book thatarea report on America.

  • Wagner's yearbook Geographic Yearbook, published in Gotha, is the best systematic record of the progress of geography in all departments; and Haack's Geographical Calendar, also published annually in Gotha,arecomplete lists of the geographical societies and geographers of the world.

  • With ferric chloride it isarea violet color and with bromine water a white precipitate of tribromophenol.

  • Biog, thearea complete bibliography.

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  • The sides of the hill are rocky and notable for the regular stratification of the limestone thatarethe hill in the distance looks terraced.

  • Their long lists of occurrences of words and forms fixed with accuracy the present (Masoretic) text they had produced and were invaluable to subsequent lexicographers, while their system of vowel points and accents not onlyareus the traditional pronunciation and reading around the 7th century AD, but often also serves as an explanatory commentary.

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  • The townarean important brazier and operates the manufacture of glass.

  • This was continued in The Fundamental Principle of Philosophy (1845-1846), that tooarehis speculative position.

  • The acid is believed to have the structure 0 2 S(SH)(OH) since sodium thiosulfate reacts with ethyl bromide to form sodium ethyl thiosulfate, which is formed upon treatment with barium chloridearepresumably barium ethyl thiosulfate.

  • He points out that the available oxygen in the oxides can react as either SO 2 + H 2 O?-O = H 2 SO 4 or as 2SO 2 -IH20 + 0 = H 2 S 2 O 6 ; and that in the case of iron oxide, 96% of the theoretical yield of dithionate is obtained, while only manganese oxide is obtainedareabout 75%.

  • Venice, a city that doesn't exactly belong to either of these classes, essentially a city of the Eastern Empire rather than the Western,areus an example that is not more instructive.

  • In both cases the older nobilityareway to a newer; and in both cases the newer nobility was an official nobility.

  • The foreword to this edition collects all the biographical details andarefull bibliographical information on MSS.

  • And heareto top it off, he exposed himself to the hatred of the informer Cyprianus by preventing the consular officer Albinus from being punished.

  • It is still very valuable as an aid in establishing the principles of early music andareus the opinions of some of the best ancient writers on art.

  • Thisarea new and moral filling for the concept of "supernatural revelation".

  • The Maori tradition is unequivocal as to the cause of the exodus from Samoa,arethe names of the canoes in which the voyage was made, and the season at which the coast of New Zealand was sighted.

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  • Bedeareno information on its origins, except that its earliest settlers were Angles.

  • While the female is thus carried about by the host insect, she is fertilized by the free-flying male, andareBirth of a series of tiny triungulin larvae.

  • The urban population, divided into two categories according to their taxable wealth, directly elects delegates to the college of government (guberniya) and is thus represented in the second degree; but the system of categorizing not by the number of taxpayers but by the amount they pay,area great preponderance to the wealthier classes.

  • Finally, she examines registers and promulgates new laws, a feature that theoreticallyareIt is a power similar to that of the United States Supreme Court to oppose measures that are inconsistent with the fundamental laws.

  • Spring is exceptionally beautiful in central Russia; As late as it usually is, it sets in with vigour, and the vegetation is developing with a rapidity thatarea special charm at this time of year in Russia, unknown in warmer climates.

  • But a closer observation of what is going on in the recently colonized borders of the empire - where whole villages live without mixing with the natives, but slowly introducing them to the Russian way of life and then slowly taking a few female elements from them -arethe key to this feature of Russian life.

  • A price sheet for each of these classesarethe actual tariff rate per unit weight between the different stations covered by the tariff.

  • This corrected tractive force is then divided by the weight of the towed vehicles, which must include the weight of the test bench vehicle, and the quotientarethe resistance per ton of cargo transported at a given steady speed on a straight and level road.

  • Count Agenor de Gasparin, in his turntables (Paris, 1854),arean account of apparently careful experiments, though they are hardly described in enough detail for us to form an independent judgement.

  • Public meetings are a convenient means of getting money under false pretenses, and the great scandal of spiritism is undoubtedly the encouragement to itareto the immoral trade in fraudulent mediumship.

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  • Although he wrote poetry, also an anthology of verses on the monasteries of Mesopotamia and Egypt, and a genealogical work, his fame rests on his Book of Songs (Kitab ul-Aghani), whicharean account of the principal Arabic songs, ancient and modern, with the histories of the composers and singers.

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  • Once there, he slays the dragon and carries the apples to Argos; and finally, like Perseus, heareher to Athena.

  • This vegetation, which covers plains and mesas and even extends to the sides of mountains,arethe entire landscape the greyish or dull olive color characteristic of the Great Basin.

  • A Rare Work on the Earlier Church (Buonamici, La Metropolitana di Ravenna)aredetails of its construction.

  • Apollinaris Neuarea faint idea of ​​the palace.

  • Strabo wrote, probably some years after Ravenna was thus chosen as a naval arsenal,areus a description of his appearance which is certainly more in keeping with modern Venice than modern Ravenna.

  • Isarean account of the Barons' War from a royalist point of view, and is a harsh critic of Montfort's policies.

  • Lyon, in Brigadegeneral Thomas Francis Meagher (New York, 1870),area laudatory account of his career.

  • In these forms, the pregnant female, instead of laying eggs as Diptera normally do, or even laying a number of tiny live larvae,areBirth all at once, but into a single larva, which remains in the mother's fallopian tube until adulthood, assuming the pupal state immediately after extrusion.

  • Isareus a detailed account of his sufferings in prison, his loss of civil rights, etc. in the third part of his story.

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  • The Book of Kingsarethe point of view of a later Judean writer, but Josiah's authority over a much larger area than Judah alone is suggested by xxiii.

  • Nehemiah of coursearegive us only his version, and the attitude of Haggai and Zechariah towards Zerubbabel may illustrate the feelings of his followers.

  • The wholearean impression of unity that is designed and to be expected in a compilation.

  • In connection with Alexander's march through Palestine Josephusarea tradition of his visit to Jerusalem.

  • The legendary tradition that even Philo acceptsareIt's a formal nativity scene, royal patron and inspired authors.

  • This is the report that Josephusarein antiquities; in the Jewish war he represents the rabbis and their students, who after such a death look forward to greater happiness for themselves.

  • The 1890 law makes it “compulsory for every Jew to be a member of the congregation of the district in which he resides, and so onareevery community has the right to tax the individual members” (ibid.).

  • During the Third Middle Minoan Period, whose lower limits are 1600 BC. approaching B.C., this pictorial writing became definitiveareway to an even more developed linear system - which in turn is divided into an earlier and a later class.

  • ThisareAccess to a number of halls and private quarters (halls "Colonnades", "Double Axes", "Queen's Megaron" with attached bathroom and remains of a fish fresco, "Treasury" with ivory figures and other objects). art), together with extensive remains of an upper floor.

  • A finely paved corridor runs from it to the eastareAccess to a number of the later periodicals and through a portico to the central courtyard beyond, while to the left of this a broad and stately staircase leads to a sort of entrance hall on an upper terrace.

  • The summary aboveare, indeed, a very imperfect idea of ​​how widely spread across the island are the remnants of the great Minoan civilization.

  • In any event, only the eastern districts would have been affected by invaders from across the Rhine, the headquarters of the Belgae proper to the west, the country occupied by the Bellovaci, Ambiani, and Atrebates, to which it is likely (though the reading is uncertain) that Caesararethe distinctive name Belgium (corresponding to the ancient provinces of Picardy and Artois).

  • Claiborne's Mississippi as a Province, Territory, and State (Jackson, 1880),arethe best representation of the period before the civil war.

  • Father Braun (Liturgical Vestments, p. 457)arean image of a seal of Charles IV.

  • Mitres with horns on either side appear to have been worn until about the late 12th century, and Pater BraunareExamples of their appearance on episcopal seals in France well into the 13th

  • In many of those ants whose third abdominal segment forms a second "knot," the basal dorsal region of the fourth segment is traversed by a large number of very fine transverse striations; over it the sharp posterior edge of the third phalanx may be scraped back and forth, and the result is a stridulating organ, thearerise to a very high note.

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  • The word orchis is used in a particular sense to denote a particular genus of the orchid family (Orchidaceae); Very often it is also used more generally to refer to any member of this large and very interesting group. It will be convenient here to use the word Orchis to refer to that particular genus whichareits name of the order or family, and to use the term "orchid" in a less precise sense.

  • Cinchona bark has recently been introduced with great success; and the mahogany of America attains a large size, andarePromise to be grown for use as timber.

  • Catherine Welch in The Little Dauphin (1908)area summary of the different sides of the question.

  • SmokingareReason to believe the date must be pushed back at least to 910.

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  • The dorsal vessel also communicates indirectly with the ventral vessel through the intestinal cavity, theareBranches to both longitudinal trunks and through tegemental vessels and capillaries supplying the skin and nephridia.

  • So the only difference is that in Eudrilus the ovarian sacareAscend to a tube that forks, with one branch meeting a corresponding branch of the pair's other ovary, while the second branch reaches the exterior.

  • Evaporation and subsequent distillation under high vacuumareraw glycerin.

  • Cyrus had 10,400 Greek hoplites and 2,500 peltasts, as well as an Asiatic army under the command of Arieus, for the Xenophonarethe absurd figure of 100,000 men; he puts the army of Artaxerxes at 900,000.

  • Nonetheless, hearea more vivid impression of his age than any other English chronicler; and it is unfortunate that its grand history ended in 1259, on the eve of the crowning battle between Henry III. and the baronage, aborts.

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  • Losertharea bibliography of authorities dealing with the history of the order, at pages 131, 365 and 567-568.

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  • Derbyshire probably originated as a county in Zethelstan's time, but for a long time remained very closely associated with Nottinghamshire and the Domesday Surveyarea list of local customs affecting both counties equally.

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  • The author then points out the great advantages of the enclosure; recommends "Quycksettynge, Dychynge and Hedgeyng"; andarespecial instructions on settes and the method of training a hedge, and on the planting and care of trees.

  • The hay is generally made from clover, sainfoin and grasses under rotationarea higher average yield than permanent grassland.

  • This volume records the births in the herds of members of the Society, andarethe pedigrees of cows and bulls, along with providing lists of winners at major shows and Butter Test awards and reports of Jersey cattle auction sales.

  • Shield Nicholson's Principles of Political Economy (3 Bde.) nicht nurarea survey of economic principles since Mills' time, but contains much stimulating and original work.

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  • The branches and their side branches have a tendency to droop with increasing length, the lower tier, even in large trees, often sweeping the ground—a habit inherited with the jagged branches and broad, shady, wavy—like masses of foliage,area particularly graceful and picturesque aspect of the Norway spruce.

  • Side of the footarerise to form a pair of mobile fleshy lobes, the parapodia (ep), which can be thrown up to cover the animal's dorsal surface.

  • The first is limp and sluggish in its movements, and does not have much power to contract; its epipodial lobes are enormously developed and extend far anteriorly along the body; itarewhen handled, exudes an abundance of purplish fluid, which derives from skin glands located on the underside of the free edge of the mantle.

  • He is also an astute critic. The union of these four elementsarecharacter of his theology and to some extent of all subsequent theology.

  • The art of the whole areaareevidence of a mind and common models; in religious representations it shows the same anthropomorphic personification and ritual furniture.

  • Alongside Mana rabba, D'mutha, his "image", is frequently mentioned as a female power; the name "father image" derives from the same conception as whatareRise to the name 'vvota among the Greek Gnostics.

  • Isarean account (chapter VIII.) of the tireless efforts made by him and his agents to collect books.

  • A note by Richard de Bury by his contemporary Adam Murimuth (Continuatio Chronicarum, Rolls Series, 1889, p. 171)area less favorable account of him than William de Chambre, who claims he is only moderately learned but wishes to be regarded as a great scholar.

  • Petrunkevich (1901-1903), the second polar body merging with a daughter nucleus of the first polar bodyareAscent to the germ cells of the parthenogenetically produced male.

  • Scott tells of this kind of retribution in The Abbotarea vivid picture as Protestants interrupted Mass being celebrated by the trembling remnants of monks in the ruined abbey church, insisting on replacing the traditional Feast of Fools.

  • The Peterborough Chronicle is not content with expressing this sentiment,areEustace a bad character.

  • Strabo himself speaks of Armoric Heneti and assumes that they came from around Brittany; another theoryarewe Sarmatian Heneti from the Baltic provinces; while the most common view was that they reached Italy from Paphlagonia.

  • Its subject, of great historical value as a costume record, represents thetranslation of the body of St. Mark, andareus a view of the west front of the church as it appeared in the early 13th century, before the addition of the pointed pediments with alternating corbels and statues, and the crenellated eaves set between the five great arches of the upper floor.

  • The facade is a triumph of graceful elegance; the tracery is so light, the decoration so rich, the break in symmetry so successfulareus a wing on the left, but none on the right.

  • Distinctive features of the style are the central grouping of the windows, leaving comparatively solid spaces on each sidearethe effect of FIG.

  • The community bulletin of December 31, 1906are169,563 in total, excluding 4,835 soldiers.

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  • Mere arguments are never sufficient; it can decide a question, butareno satisfaction or certainty to the mind, which can only be convinced by direct observation or intuition.

  • Well that's what experience isare.

  • As an example of his method, Baconarean inquiry into the nature and cause of the rainbow, which is really a very fine example of inductive inquiry.

  • Aristotle's Constitution of Athens (ca. 22)area.

  • The great fiscal inscription, which still stands where it was erected,arethe most complete picture of the life and commerce of the city.

  • A breach of the Covenant to Repairarethe lessor shall bring an action for damages based on the estimated damage to the deconstruction if the action is brought during the tenancy and the amount required to carry out the repairs if the action is brought later.

  • Section 47 of the Actarethe lessee has the same rights to compensation as if his holding were a holding within the meaning of the Agricultural Holdings Act 1908 (see above).

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  • Actual amounts will vary by variety, growing conditions, ginning methods, etc.; a recent estimate in the United Statesare35% fluff for Upland cotton and 25% for Sea Island cotton to be more accurate.

  • The previous tablearethe quantity, value, and type of crop for each of the cotton-growing states in 1906, as reported by the Bureau of the Census.

  • Glycerin when treated with hydrochloric acidarePropenyldichlorohydrin, which can be oxidized to s-dichloroacetone.

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  • In southwestern Manchuria, a stretch of the imperial railways of northern ChinaareConnection from Beijing and junctions at Kou-pang-tsze to Sin population.

  • At the same time, if our text is so late, it must be remembered that its contentaregives us the earliest and purest account of French feudalism, and describes for us the organization of a kingdom where all rights and duties were attached to fief and the monarch was but an overlord of feudal lords.

  • Isarea clergyman's account of the First Crusade, and is particularly replete with the spiritistic phenomena that attended and followed the discovery of the Holy Lance.

  • Each consists of a more or less tortuous, ciliated longitudinal canal running on its outer surfaceareOriginating in one or more transverse canals that run outward and open a little behind the mouth on the sides of the body.

  • On its inner surface, the longitudinal channel is pressed against the lateral blood vessel andarea series of small, blind caeca or tags, each terminating in a small clump of cells.

  • Each instrument is accompanied by a pair of weights and a square root table so that the product of the square root of the number corresponding to the position of the sliding weight and the determined constant for each weight,areimmediately the value of the current in amperes.

  • At the same time, the potential difference between the ends of the low-impedance resistor and the quotient of this potential difference by the known value of the low-impedance resistor are measured on the potentiometerarethe true value of the current flowing through the ammeter.

  • The peculiar outline of Floridaareit is the name "Peninsula State".

  • But the unusual severity of the winters of 1887, 1894 and 1899 (the twelfth census report, thearefigures for this year are therefore misleading) destroyed three quarters of orange trees and caused increased attention to livestock and various agricultural products.

  • Isarea series of illustrations.

  • Weighing the cakearethe free acid.

  • The residue on the filter paperare(3) the water-insoluble substances.

  • Some are in Greek and Demotic, and one of particular interest from a chemical point of view,area set of receipts in Greek for the working of base metals to form alloys simulating gold and intended for the manufacture of imitation jewellery.

  • BerthelotareBritish Museum MSS reproductions.

  • At the same time he founded the Fulda monastery as the center of German monastic culture and subordinated it to the Bavarian storm, whose biographyareus so many picturesque insights into the time and makes their rule stricter than the Benedictines.

  • The Old Testament portrays the history of the people as a series of acts of apostasy, alternating with subsequent repentance and return to Yahweh, and the question of whether this is the caseareThe effect on actual conditions depends on the precise nature of the elements of Yahweh worship brought to Palestine by the Israelites.

  • A mixture of carbon disulfide vapor and hydrogen sulfide when passed over heated copper,are, including some methane.

  • The solution can be worked out directly or by determining the equation of the center which, added to the mean anomaly,arethe real anomaly.

  • Problems in Artillery takes up two out of nine books; the sixth fortification; The nintharesome examples of solving cubic equations.

  • The Agora was commonly referred to as "Ceramicus" and Pausaniasareit this name; scarcely a trace remains of the numerous buildings he saw here; Their location is largely conjectural, and the exact boundaries of the Agora itself are uncertain.

  • The brilliant summary of the historian Thucydides in the famous funeral oration of Pericles (transmitted 430), in which the social life, the institutions and the culture of his country are presented as a model,arean essentially true picture of Athens in its greatest days.

  • Ignatius, with his military instincts and ideas of obedience, intercedes with a director whoarethe exercises to the person who in turn receives them.

  • Isarevarious methods of prayer; methods of conducting an election; his set of rules for discerning spirits; rules for distributing alms and dealing with scruples; Trials of Orthodoxy.

  • The most recent critics, even those of the Society itself, give 1548 as the date when the book received its finishing touches; although Father RoothaanareRome, July 9, 1541, as the date at the end of the ancient manuscripts. Execution.

  • Ignatius (Rome, 1650, 1659) Genelli wrote The Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Innsbruck, 1848); Nicholas Orlandonusarea life in the first volume of the History of the Society of Jesus (Rome, 1615).

  • Even if Marca's criticism is all too often indecisive, both in the ancient periods, where he underpins the text with a certain amount of conjecture, and in certain points where it touches on religion, it is alwaysarethe text correctly.

  • Schmidtarea complete bibliography of the numerous writings of Menius, who translated several of Luther's Bible commentaries into German.

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  • That acidarewith silver nitrite the corresponding nitromalonic acid, which readily afforded the third nitromethane, CHaHb(NO2),Hd, also identical to the first.

  • It can be seen that each type depends on a particular radical or atom, and the copulation of that character with any hydrocarbon radical (open or cyclic)areorigin to a compound of the same class.

  • The introduction of hydroxyl groups into the benzene nucleusareCompounds commonly referred to as phenols are formed which, although similar in origin to aliphatic alcohols, differ from these substances in their increased chemical activity and acidic character.

  • The heptachlor compound when treated with chlorine waterareTrichloroaceto-pentachlorobutyric acid (6), which is hydrolyzed by alkali to give chloroform and pentachloroglutaric acid (7) and converted to tetrachloro-diketo-pentene (8) by boiling water.

  • The octahedral formula discussed by Julius Thomsen (Ber., 1886, 19, p. 2944) consists of the six carbon atoms arranged at the corners of a regular octahedron and connected by the solid lines as shown in (I); a plane projectionarea hexagon with diagonals (II).

  • Also Benzol, (CH)arethiophene, (CH)S, from which it is difficult to distinguish; pyridine, (CH)N,arethiazole, (CH)NS, which is a very similar substance; naphthaleneareThionaphthene, C 11 S, with which it shows great analogies, especially in the derivatives.

  • Likewise, a CH group can be replaced by a nitrogen atom to form compounds of similar stability; i.e. benzenearePyridin, NaphthalinareQuinoline und Isoquinoline; Anthraceneareacridine and a and 3 anthrapyridines.

  • Also thiopheneareascend to triazsulhol introducing three nitrogen atoms.

  • The last five, if present in sufficient quantity, give fused-white pearls; excess lead oxidearea yellowish pearl.

  • If silica is present, it isarethe iron bead when heated with some iron oxide; if tin is present, nothing changes.

  • Potassiumarea blue-purple flame that can be obscured by the staining due to sodium, calcium, and other elements.

  • The solution with ammonium sulfidearea white precipitate of zinc sulfide.

  • The increase in weight of the calcium chloride tubearethe weight of the water formed and the caustic nodules the carbon dioxide.

  • The increase in weight of the potash pears and soda-lime canearethe weight of carbon dioxide evolved.

  • The table belowarea comparative representation of the specific heats and ratio for molecules of variable atomic content.

  • Direct nitrationare(mainly) m-nitrobenzoic acid, also pseudotetragonal with much shorter major axis.

  • Bernard Shaw, although he is primarily concerned with the social philosophy of the Ring,area luminous display of Wagner's mastery of musical movement.

  • The climate is subtropical and humid, although the altitude (3700-3800 ft.)area temperate climate in winter.

  • Bromine water in dilute aqueous solutionarea white precipitate of tribromophenol bromide C 6 H 2 Br 3.

  • When cooking with calcium chloride and ammonia salicylic acidarea precipitate of insoluble basic calcium salicylate, C 6 H 4 ‹ 0 2 i Ca, a reaction that serves to distinguish it from the isomeric meta- and para-hydroxybenzoic acids.

  • When cooked with anilinearemethylaniline and phenol.

  • Hydrolysis with barite waterareacetic and salicylic acid.

  • The official portrait of Muytens, engraved by Petit,area less convincing impression than an excellent chalk drawing of Gabriel Mattei's head.

  • this connectionarea blue potassium and lithium ultramarine when treated with the appropriate chloride, and an ethyl ultramarine when treated with ethylicdide.

  • It is printed in three colors andareContours at intervals of io meters.

  • Barnabas 15)areus the Jewish theory (from Gen.

  • It is remarkable to the student of Church history that it represents a form of Christianity far different from the dominant types, a religious body which has no formulated creed requiring a definite subscription, and no liturgy, priesthood or outer sacrament, and theareGiving women an equal place with men in church organization.

  • They believe that an experience of more than 250 yearsareample justification for believing that Christ did not command them as an eternal outward order; on the contrary, they hold that it was alien to his method to establish minute, outward rules for all times, but that he proclaimed principles for his church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to apply to the varied needs of the day.

  • The Sorrows of the Quakers by Joseph Besse (1753)area detailed account of the persecution of the early Friends in England and America .

  • Joseph Smith's Descriptive Catalog of Friends' Books (London, 1867)arethe information promised by the title; the same author has also published a catalog of works hostile to Quakerism.

  • A pass through the hillsareaccess to Bahr-Assal; the last of a chain of salt lakes starting 60 m.

  • Alberta alsoarerise to the two great rivers Saskatchewan and Mackenzie.

  • The list of complaints submitted by Wesley's enemies to the Savannah grand juryareample evidence of his tireless work for his flock.

  • The real attack had been aimed at British rights and the history of the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regimentareno exaggerated praise to the reserve regiments when they say that "the determined attack would have been successful against almost any other force".

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  • Isarea faithful sketch of the teachings, mythology and dualistic system of the magician Zarathustra.

  • The Vendidad tooareReports on the dialogues between Ormazd and Zarathustra.

  • From Rossiarea comparative table of these itineraries and other similar lists.

  • In the four final chapters, the author returns to the story,area detailed account of the provisions of the Israelites in the wilderness and of the pains and terrors afflicted the Egyptians.

  • The Mexican headquartersareit railway connection with the state capital and other important cities of the republic. Leon is situated on a fertile plain on the banks of the Turbio, a tributary of the Rio Grande de Lerma, at an elevation of 5862 feet.

  • There is no doubt that the men who led the Creole opposition were thinking about independence, and thatarethe incident peculiar interest.

  • For construction and other purposes, in addition to the rare woods mentioned above, there are cedars (used in large quantities for cigar boxes); the pine, found only in the W. where itarehis name of the Isle of Pines and the province of Pinar del Rio; various palm trees; Oaks of various hardness and colour, &c. The number of food plants is extremely large.

  • The Cucujo or Cuban Firefly (Pyrophorus noctilucus)areemit such a powerful light that some of them effectively serve as lanterns.

  • It can be recognized by the blue colorarewith diphenylamine sulfate and by its reaction with potassium iodide starch paper.

  • On reduction itarea strong reducing substance, probably hydrazine.

  • Any definitionareascend to a corresponding algebra of higher complex numbers.

  • All branches of physicsareAdvancement to an application of mathematics.

  • It included the principalities of Tribunia or Travunja with the capital Trebinje; and Hlum or Hum, the Zachlumia of Constantine Porphyrogenitus, thearea clear picture of this region as it was in the 10th century.'

  • Sporadic uprisings had already broken out among Bosnian Christians, and on July 1, 1875, the villagers of Nevesinje, whoareits name to a mountain Neolithic station of Butmir (Vienna 1895-1898); P. Ballif, Roman roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vienna, 1893, &c.).

  • Its height, 8839 ft.,arean exceptionally pleasant climate.

  • Table Aarethe result of the receipts of 1881-1882, the last year of administration of the "Galata bankers", the average product of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth five-year periods since the inception of the public council and the year 1907-1908.

  • Pindar, in the fourth Pythian ode,arethe oldest detailed account of it.

  • real dictionaryarea concise exposition of the older views.

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  • The earliest writer after himself, theareus all information regarding him is Eusebius.

  • Graf Litzow in The Life and Times of Master John Hus (London und New York, 1909), S. 5-9,area good synopsis of the Defensor Pacis and Marsilius' relations to other precursors of the Reformation.

  • Upon heating with the halogens, acetophenone is substituted in the aliphatic portion of the nucleus; so brominearePhenacylbromid, C6H6CO.CH2Br.

  • Acetonylacetophenone, C6H5.CO.CH2.CH2.CO.CH3, is formed by the condensation of phenacyl bromide with sodium acetoacetate with subsequent elimination of carbon dioxide and dehydrationareaa-Phenyl-methyl-furfuran.

  • The townareits name from the excellent carpets that are made in the area.

  • This last substance can be reduced to mesoporphyrin, C34H3804N4, which upon further reductionareHemopyrrole, C 8 H 11 H 13 N, possibly methyl propyl pyrrole or butyl pyrrole.

  • The decomposition products are generally the same as for general albumin; itarethe Biuret reaction; Forms salts with acids and alkalis, but is essentially acidic.

  • It is an albumin and not a carbohydrate as was previously thought; andaremost color reactions of albumins.

  • Also the first editionarea Stitch of the Ark (repeated in editions through the fifth), in the form of a long covered box floating on water; the animals can be seen in separate stables.

  • As soon as the telegram announces high water in Cuxhaven, three shots are fired from the harbor to warn the inhabitants of the "fleets"; and when the tide's progress up the riverareIndication of danger, three more shots follow.

  • The confession, written towards the end of his life,area general account of his career.

  • We do not know if he was Chlodio's son; Gregory of Tours simply says that he belonged to Chlodio's tribe - "de hujus stirpe quidam Merovechum regem fuisse adserunt" - and only thenarethe fact secondhand.

  • Now this relationship is the same as thatarethe relative chemical equivalents of hydrogen and copper, because one gram of hydrogen and 31.8 grams of copper chemically combine with the same weight of any acid residue such as chlorine or the sulfuric acid group SO 4.

  • The bowl is weighed before and after the passage of the current and elevationarethe deposited silver mass.

  • Taking the chemical equivalent weight of silver determined by chemical experiments to be 107.92 gives the result describedareas the electrochemical equivalent of an ion of the unit chemical equivalent the value 1 036 x 5.

  • The conductivityareus the amount of electricity carried per second under a given electromotive force.

  • Now is the Hittorf transport number for simple salts in moderately dilute solutionareus the ratio between the two ion velocities.

  • Results were obtained for sugar solutions where the run number is 1 858 and for potassium chloride whicharea depression of 3,720.

  • The Dissociation Theoryarean immediate explanation for the fact that, in general, no heat change occurs when two neutral salt solutions are mixed.

  • We can calculate the heat of formation from its ions for any solute in a given liquid from knowledge of the temperature coefficient of ionization by application of the well-known thermodynamic process, which is alsoarethe latent heat of vaporization of a liquid when the temperature coefficient of its vapor pressure is known.

  • This process involves a reduction in the system's available energy for zinc dissolutionaremore energy than the copper deposit absorbs.

  • As an example, consider a concentration cell in which silver plates are placed in solutions of silver nitrate, each ten times as potent as the other, this equationareE=o 060 X I8C.G.S.

  • The concentration of simple copper ions is then reduced to such an extent that the copper plate becomes the anode to zinc. So the cell becomes - Copper I Potassium cyanide solution I Potassium sulfate solution - Zinc sulfate solution I Zinc -area current that dissolves copper and deposits zinc. Similarly, silver could be made to act as an anode to cadmium.

  • With the elimination of secondary effects, the deposition of metals is also a reversible process; the decomposition voltage is equal to the electromotive force possessed by the metal itselfarewhen going into solution.

  • IsareReasons for believing that in the Church of England, under the first prayer-book, as in the Lutheran churches, while retaining the chasuble and alb, the stole, maniple, amice, and girdle were discontinued.

  • Marriott's Vestiarium Christianum (1868), although now to be read with caution, is still of great value, particularly the second part, theareTexts (with translations) of passages on the subject from early and medieval writers, with many interesting plates.

  • The acid used can be hydrochloric acidarethe best results or sulfuric acid used in Germany; Sulfuric acid is more easily separated from the product than hydrochloric acid because it is precipitated as calcium sulfate by the addition of powdered chalk, which can be removed by a filter press.

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  • The churchareEvery member over the age of 18 has the right to speak and vote in its meetings.

  • Cagnat in Susa in 1883arethese titles of the city and at the same time identifies them with Susa.

  • When plating gold, the color of the plating is affected by the presence of impurities in the solution; if copper is present, some will be deposited with the gold, giving it a reddish color, while some will be silverareit a greenish tint.

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  • On the other hand, gravel washarea declining yield in western Siberia, for while in 1900 production from this well was about 172,000 ounces, in 1904 it was only 81,000 ounces.

  • However, due to the aridity of the climate, the unclouded sun fully warms the earth during the long summer days at these high latitudesarea brief period of warm and even hot weather in close proximity to the cold pole.

  • Climatic Atlas of the Russian Empire, from the Physical Observatory (St. Petersburg, 1900),areData and observations for the period 1849-1899.

  • The small arm sinus runs along the arms of the lophophore at the base of the tentacles andareaway from a blind diverticulum in each of these.

  • The heartareposteriorly a second median vessel, which divides almost simultaneously into right and left halves, which in turn divide into two vessels running to the dorsal and ventral mantles, respectively.

  • In the case of the discinisca and lingula, however, the subesophageal ganglion is not drawn out but lies median; itaretwo nerves directed backwards to the peduncle, which unite at the lingula and form a strong nerve.

  • This court consists of a Supreme Court Justice, who decides all questions of law and fact, and the Archbishop, whoareEvaluation.

  • It decomposes on dry distillation into carbon dioxide and pyromellitic acid, C i oH 6 0 8 i when distilled with limearecarbon dioxide and benzene.

  • Salt Methodarethe resultant in the form of a determinant of order m or n, depending on whether m is n.

  • According to the accepted rules, we take A?B 2 B 3, whatare(12)a(32)b - (1)a(321)b+ao(3212)b, the simplest perpetuant with weight 7; and hence the general form enumerated by the generating function 1 - z.1 - z2.1 - z3?

  • The commentarealso a careful translation of the texts.

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  • The table belowarethe dimensions of some well-known American lead furnaces.

  • With the second addition of zinc, most of the silver collects in a saturated zinc-silver-lead crust that occurs during work-upareFeinsilber.

  • This saltarethe corresponding chloride and fluoride with hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids and the phosphate, Pb(HPO4)2, with phosphoric acid.

  • The borate, Pb 2 B 6 0 1 u 4H2O, is obtained as a white precipitate by adding borax to a lead salt; this on heating with strong ammoniaarePbB2044H2.

  • O, that again when boiling with a boric acid solutionarePbB407.4H20.

  • He thought that was a good thingarethe maximum of enjoyment.

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  • The crown or top of the rootareAdvancement to new plants.

  • Hydrolysisareacetic acid and benzaconine, the main component of the alkaloids picraconitine and napellin; further hydrolysisareAconin.

  • Pseudaconitine obtained from wild aconite,arein the hydrolysis of acetic acid and veratrylpseudaconine, the latter undergoing further hydrolysis to veratryl acid and pseudoconine.

  • If we know the mass of the earth in gravitational terms, its product is the denominator of the fraction just mentionedarethe mass of the sun in gravitational terms.

  • The sum of the corresponding numbers multiplied by 332600areProtocol.

  • Gauss, thatarethe value not only of M but also of H, the horizontal component of the Earth's force.

  • If the magnetizing current is reversed twice to complete a cycle, the sum of the two deflections, multiplied by a factor dependent on the cross-sectional area of ​​the sample and the constants of the instrument, isarethe hysteresis for a complete cycle in ergs per cubic centimeter.

  • It was shown by Kennelly (Electrician, 1892, 28, 666) that Steinmetz's formulaarealmost correct results for nickel.

  • Morris results for iron andaresome additional observations for steel, nickel and cobalt.

  • The table belowarethe exact composition of some alloys found to be non-magnetizable or nearly magnetizable in a 320 field.

  • The table belowaresome of their results, the resistivity of bismuth in C.G.S.

  • The name of the city or tribe that is thereareus is touta marouca, and it also mentions a citadel nicknamed tarincris.

  • Der Entosternit des Scorpionsarerise to outgrowths, beside the large posterior valves, pf, forming the diaphragm, not represented in Limulus.

  • In Scorpio, the completion of the horizontal plate by oblique flaps to form an actual diaphragm, possibly closing off the cavity of the prosoma from the rest of the bodyareThe organs contained in the anterior chamber have a physiological advantage with regard to the arterial blood supply and its separation from the venous blood of the mesosome.

  • This body is also found in the blood of crustaceans and molluscs, but its frequency is very high in both Limulus and Scorpioarea deep indigo tint to the freshly shed blood.

  • This telson may enlarge, it may even develop internally and sternally as partially separate somites, and the tergum may remain without any trace of somite formation or, as appears to be the case in Limulus, the telsonareascend to a few well-developed somites (mesosomes and two others) and then enlarge without any further traces of segmentation, while the chitin skin, which becomes thicker and thicker as growth progresses on the terga, welds the unsegmented telson and the somites in front of it together, which were previously characterized by separate tergal thickenings were.

  • The alimentary canal is flattened and cylindrical, andarerise laterally to large gastric glands, which number more than a single pair (two to six pairs) and may take the form of simple caeca.

  • The larger species of bird's nest spiders (Avicularia), whose opisthosoma is as large as a dwarf egg, no doubt attack juveniles and M'Cookarean account of the capture of a small mouse in its web by a common house spider.

  • The more fragmentary reviewarethe story of childhood from the age of 5 to 8, and is entitled LGyypa j sa roil) e yiov arov76Xov 7rEpi Tijs 7racScKCis avaUTpocbC7s Tou Kvpiov (Tischendorf, op. cit.

  • This third work is included in the Coptic MS. inscribed under the Gospel of Maryarecosmological revelations and is probably of valentine origin.

  • Berlin (1896), p. 839 ff., this gospelareRevelations of the Nature of Matter (An) and the Progress of the Gnostic Soul through the Seven Planets.

  • Hence toothareits date as no later than 90 -100; Dobschütz, like loo -110; and Harnack, like 110-130.

  • its heightareThe city enjoys a cool, invigorating climate, making it a popular summer retreat for Rio's wealthy classes.

  • Lime phosphate is deposited on these rounded hillsarethe island's commercial value.

  • Thorpeare, without explanation, the insertions of an ill-informed Gloucester monk who has obscured the precise chronology of the original.

  • Forester's translation in Bohn's Antiquarian Library (London, 1854)areTaxter's work too.

  • The character that Procopiusarethe jurist, even when touched by personal malice, deserves a certain confidence because it is contained in the histories and not in the scandalous and secret anecdotes.

  • After a gestation period of 60 to 65 days, the vixen is born in AprilareBirth of young, usually five to eight in a litter.

  • When first born, these are clad in a uniform slate gray coat that spreads over timeareAccommodating a coat that is more tawny in shade than the adult livery.

  • The latterarea detailed history of interpretation from the Septuagint to Calvin and adds the Ethiopian text edited by Dillmann.

  • The coral limestone of the atoll has a peculiar vitrified appearance andareplay a ringtone when struck or simply kicked on.

  • It is volatile (para-oxybenzaldehyde is not) andarea violet coloration with ferric chloride.

  • In the 15th chapter of his 35th book hearea detailed description of it.

  • When heated to almost a red heat itarea porous, friable mass known as "calcined alum".

  • A considerable part of it was excavated by these rivers to a level thatareits valleys have the height and character of lowlands, although isolated hills and mountain ranges with the characteristic overlying horizontal sandstone strata of the ancient plateau show that it was once a highland region.

  • The returns also show a total of 3,038,500 residences outside of the federal capitalarean average of 5,472 to domicile.

  • Sorry Mr Nicholsonareno detailed account of the form used at the consecration, and more complete information is needed on this and other points.

  • The Church sets a rule of domestic politics, and neitherarenor does he claim to give an absolute criterion for the validity of ordination.

  • Murimuth has no advantages of style, andarea bare narrative of events.

  • Perestrello states that Natal has no ports, but otherwise he doesarea fairly accurate description of the country - paying particular attention to the abundance of animals and the population density.

  • But although it implies an extensive prior treatment of the questions by philosophers, Porphyryareno indication of the various systems from which such distinctions result, nor does he give any indication of his own opinion on the subject, however unequivocal.

  • The doctrine of indifference, as it appears later, certainly tends towards nominalism, as Prantl emphasizes, insofar as itareto emphasize the substantivity of universals.

  • A fairly obvious flaw in such a doctrine is that while it explains the quantitative determination of matter for the individual in the individual, it doesareno consideration of how such a quantitative determination comes about.

  • Occam, who is still a scholastic,areus the scholastic justification of the spirit, which had already seized upon Roger Bacon and which was to assert its rights in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

  • This pagearean overview of all the articles in the 1911 Brittanica arranged alphabetically under Bet to Bil .

  • This pagearean overview of all the articles in the 1911 Brittanica, arranged alphabetically from Ree to Rep .

  • Reduction with acid reducing agentsareAmine.

  • The electrolytic reduction of aromatic nitro compoundsaresubstituted hydroxylamines are formed, which are immediately converted into aminophenols or amines.

  • Much of the food stays in the stomach and ferments, causing gas to be released, causing the stomach to expand andareRise to the inevitable belching.

  • The theme, which dates back to the time of Hungarian chivalry, is artistically worked out from medieval legends andarean excellent description of the time of St. Ladislaus of Hungary.

  • This pagearean overview of all the articles in the 1911 Brittanica, arranged alphabetically from Cau to Cey .

  • The above definitionarejust a partial view of the scope of algebra.

  • We get this result by subtracting 3 from io using a (concrete or ideal) subtraction table; but this table onlyarethe generalized results of a series of addition or subtraction operations performed on concrete units.

  • The binomial theoremarea formula for writing down the coefficient of any given term in the expansion of any given power of a given binomial.

  • This is consistent with (7), whatareI! = OK!.

  • Simultaneous equations in two unknowns x and y can be treated the same way, except that each equationarea functional relationship between x and y.

  • The testimony of Peter Ramus (1515-1572) on this point is interesting, but heareno authority for his unique statements.

  • On the other hand, a survey of the facts of cellular embryology accumulated in relation to a variety of classes within a few years of Kovalevsky's work led to a generalization, reached independently by Haeckel and Lankester, that a lower degree of animal distinction is made between the Protozoa or Plastidozoa, consisting of either single cells or colonies of uniform cells, and a higher class, the Metazoa or Enterozoa, in which the ovule is formed by "cell division"areThey rise into two layers of cells, the endoderm and ectoderm, surrounding a primitive digestive chamber, the archenteron.

  • The Metazoa form two main branches; one, Parazoa, is only a small unproductive stock comprising only the phylum Porifera or sponges; the other, the great phylum of the animal series Enterozoa,areascend to a large number of divergent phyla, which must be assigned to two levels or grades - a lower one, Enterocoela (often called Coelentera), and a higher one, Coelomocoela (often called Coelomata).

  • Definitely Lamarckaregives us no reason for such a supposition, and his followers or modern-day followers have not attempted it.

  • Such a plate has the power of a converging lens andarean enlightenment out of proportion to what could be achieved without it.

  • The accompanying table is from Lommel, in which the first columnarethe roots of J2(z) =o, and the second and third columns the corresponding values ​​of the given functions.

  • If z is large, the descending series (io)arei 2J 1 (z) = 2 sin (z1 7r) 22; (2) z such that the locations of the maxima and minima occur at equal distances.

  • The principlearean instant solution to the question of ultimate optical efficiency in the "mirror reading" method commonly practiced in various physical observations.

  • Now suppose that X+SX is the wavelength for which BQarethe main maximum, then (mn+1)A=mn(X+SX); whence OX/X= limn.

  • By our standard at the time, this isarethe smallest wavelength difference in a double line that can just be resolved; and we conclude that the resolution of a grating depends only on the total number of lines and on the order of the spectrum, regardless of other considerations.

  • Then it is verified that after integration according to dS (6)arethe same disturbance as if the primary wave should have gone on uninterrupted.

  • In fact, if the aperture is very small, this methodarethe correct result, except for a constant factor.

  • Oxford Street, with its pretty shops, borders the district to the south and crosses Regent Street at Oxford Circus. Edgeware Road to the west; Marylebone Road crosses from east to west and from this Upper Baker StreetareAccess to Park, Wellington and Finchley Streets; and Baker Street leads south.

  • With the disappearance of the Scythians as an ethnic and political entity, the name Scythians emergedareplace in its original seat to that of Sarmatia, and is artificially applied by geographers on the one hand to the Dobrudzha, the lesser Scythia of Strabo, where it remained in official use until the Byzantine period; on the other hand to the unknown regions of North Asia, the eastern Scythians of Strabo, the "Scythia intra et extra Imaum" of Ptolemy; but throughout classical literature Scythians generally meant all regions north and north-east of the Black Sea, and a Scythians (Scythes) any barbarian originating from those parts.

  • Hippocrates says this only applies to the ruling class, not the slaves, howeverareas the reason for the lack of exercise in the former.

  • Minns, Scythians and Greeks (Cambridge, 1909),area summary of different opinions and an overview of the topic from all angles.

  • wolves as wellarea selection from Silva's various compositions.

  • Sometimes he tooareEvidence of some knowledge of Hebrew, and supplementing its biblical authorities, which include I Esdras, from general Greek histories.

  • Schürer (History of the Jewish People)area complete bibliography.

  • the latterarerise to salts containing peruranates, e.g.

  • But there is no evidence that the Jews were involved; for the account that JosephusareThe Bagoses oppression of the Jews represents the difficulties originally arose from internal dissensions, and suggests nothing of the nature of a rebellion against Persia.

  • EsareTables of sine and cosine, tangents, etc. for every to seconds, calculated to ten digits.

  • The education of the natives is mainly in the hands of the missionaries, but the governmentareGrants to aboriginal over-toilet schools.

  • A tin ingot is clearly crystalline; hence the characteristic crackle or "scream" of tin that a tin ingot producesareout when bent.

  • A mixture of stannous and tin(IV) chloride, when added to a sufficient volume of gold chloride solution,arean intensely violet precipitate of gold purple (Cassius purple).

  • The same heading already referencedareus our only traditional information about the period in which Isaiah prophesied; it refers to Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah as the contemporary kings.

  • The record before usareno information on origin.

  • A valuable historical source, albeit small, is the Chronicle of Edessa, whicharea record of the events of 132-131 BC. to AD

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