Vinyl Flooring: Durable and Stylish VCT Tile, LVT, and More Options (2023)

Commercial vinyl flooring is a high-quality floor covering designed to withstand high-traffic areas. Armstrong Static Dissipative Tile (SDT), Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Commercial Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT Tile), vinyl wood plank flooring, and resilient vinyl sheet flooring are excellent choices for almost any commercial or industrial application.

Vinyl Flooring for High Traffic Spaces

Vinyl and VCT wood flooring is commonly used in public spaces such as retail stores, business offices, or even schools and classrooms due to its dimensional stability.

Vinyl wood flooring is often chosen for being inexpensive, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Heavy-duty vinyl tile, wood plank, and vinyl sheet materials are the best flooring for high-traffic areas. Luxury commercial vinyl flooring is more resistant to stains, scratches, and other common surface wear compared to natural floors like wood or stone, which are less forgiving.

Standard Vinyl Tile Sizes

Standard vinyl tile comes in 12" x 12" squares and is cut to 1/8" thickness. Most boxes of vinyl tile contain 45 square feet per box. Each box of commercial vinyl tile weighs about 63 lbs so to pay a little more for drop shipping Plus vinyl tile now also comes in 16" x 16" (Azrock Cortina Grande) and 12" x 24" (Armstrong Raffia) sizes.

Vinyl Composition Tile Costs

Cheap commercial flooring ranges in price from $0.99 to several dollars per square foot, depending on the brand and type of vinyl flooring being sold. For example, premium vinyl floor tiles or non-slip floor tiles typically cost between $2 and $4 per square foot. Premium or luxury vinyl tile flooring is often more expensive due to how it is made and its unique patterns.

Luxury vinyl tile is an industrial vinyl flooring option that can withstand constant wear and pressure compared to typical vinyl flooring products due to its multi-layer assembly. Non-slip tiles have a special top surface that prevents slipping, ideal for areas prone to wet messes and spills, where customers or employees could slip and fall.

Anti-static vinyl flooring (static dissipative tile or SDT) is commonly used in electrically sensitive areas. This tile is designed to reduce any potential static that could damage electronic components. Static dissipative tiles range from $5 to $6 per square foot.

cheap commercial flooring ideas

There are many options for luxury vinyl flooring, but glued-down vinyl composition tile (VCT) remains the least expensive option for commercial-grade resilient flooring installation. If you don't want to sacrifice quality, then VCT flooring is the way to go. Simple composite vinyl tiles have been around for decades and have proven to be tiles that last.

Get the Right Amount of Vinyl Flooring

Ordering the correct amount of vinyl flooring is a crucial step in your project that deserves serious consideration. Look for expert guidelines to help you determine how much vinyl flooring you need for a project. Asking for too much could result in unnecessary waste. Asking for too little can be a nightmare and can jeopardize the entire job. Next, we'll discuss how to calculate how much vinyl flooring you'll need and how much to order.


Measuring your space is the first step in getting the right amount of vinyl flooring. VCTs are typically sold in a box of 12" x 12" squares. Some styles are also available in 16"x 16" or 12"x 24". When you measure your space, be sure to measure all the places you want to cover. Many people forget to measure closets or other spaces that are easily forgotten.

Vinyl flooring is also available in sheets and planks. Vinyl sheets come in various sizes. Vinyl plank flooring uses vinyl planks: long pieces of flooring that fit snugly together.

It's important to research the type of flooring you want and whether it's available in sheet, tile, or plank. This will affect the amount of vinyl flooring you will need.

Why ask for additional floors?

Once you've taken your measurements, you now know exactly how many square feet you'll need to cover your space. However, this does not take into account possible cutting and measuring errors or other factors that may affect the amount of vinyl flooring you will need.

Throughout the project, you will make mistakes. Even seasoned professionals will probably make some mistakes. Tidying up the excess flooring allows you to correct the mistake and move on with ease. If you run out of vinyl sheet or vinyl plank, you will likely experience installation delays. Also, you run the risk of not being able to find the right match.

You also need to have luxury vinyl plank or vinyl tile flooring on hand to match the pattern, if you choose a pattern. You may find that a piece of flooring is cut in the middle of a pattern during installation. Having additional floors allows you to match the pattern and maintain the aesthetics of the floor.

How much additional floor should he ask for?

Most experts agree that 10% more than the square footage of your space should be enough. Some simply ask for 5% more.

However, the additional number of vinyl flooring you order depends primarily on your choice, skill level, and confidence. Some people like to have a lot more than they need to be safe. Others have more arrogant attitudes and feel that they do not need to spend money and material on additional floors.

When it comes to flooring, it's better to be safe than sorry. An experienced professional installer can limit your mistakes, but if you are a DIYer and a novice at that, consider getting more than 5% additional coverage from vinyl plank or laminate flooring.

proper storage

Even waterproof vinyl flooring can be sensitive. If you are not going to install it or you are not going to install it right away, you should be aware of proper storage methods.


Vinyl sheet or vinyl plank flooring should be kept indoors in a temperature controlled environment. Excess heat or cold can damage the material and the adhesive. This can cause them to be uneven when installed.

Flat surface

Vinyl plank and sheet vinyl flooring should be stored on a level floor. If left uneven for a long period of time, they will warp, bend, or damage. This will make proper installation difficult or impossible.

How to install vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring installation is fairly simple, especially on concrete floors, but it does require preparation and care.

  1. Lay vinyl tile flooring in place.

  2. Remove half of the floor to reveal the subfloor.

  3. Using a notched steel trowel, apply the recommended adhesive to the subfloor.

  4. Allow adhesive to set according to open time instructions.

  5. Carefully push the vinyl tiles back into place and press down firmly.

  6. Clean up any remaining adhesive and keep foot traffic to a minimum for 24 hours to give the adhesive time to dry and bond.

Vinyl flooring is waterproof, scratch-proof, and easy to install over most subfloors. They require proper installation and low maintenance, so they last for years. Do your research and follow these guidelines to ensure that you will be satisfied with your choice of flooring for years to come.

Durable vinyl flooring

Whether you are looking for affordable VCT flooring or static dissipative vinyl flooring, we recommendamstrongvinyl flooring as the best commercial vinyl flooring manufacturer. Armstrong is known for high-quality, low-cost resilient vinyl flooring.

Commercial-grade vinyl flooring costs a little because of the way it's made: it lasts a long time, requires little maintenance, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. For example, with commercial laminate vinyl flooring such asMeditechcollection, the initial cost is offset by the life of the commercial vinyl floor. Armstrong VCTs, heavy-duty sheet vinyl, and plank flooring will be a good investment compared to the cheaper options typically found in big box stores.

Durable vinyl plank flooring

Armstrong resilient vinyl plank flooring has come a long way since the turn of the century, with a distribution network larger than ever, the latest in printing and photographic technology, and a durable underlayment that creates the greatest resiliency. to scratch, stain and scuff resistant luxury floors in the industry.

At Floor City, we've partnered with Armstrong Flooring to provide a nationwide flooring distribution supply chain for contractors, homeowners, and do-it-yourselfers. Contact a flooring specialist today or request a sample from us today!

Shop Floor City for your flooring needs

Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for your home or business. Floor City has a wide variety ofvinyl flooring—We have luxury vinyl plank and sheet vinyl flooring in various wood and stone patterns.

Along with our non-slip, waterproof, and anti-static tile options, we also offer linoleum, laminate, and carpet tile flooring, as well as baseboards and flooring accessories. If you have any questions about our flooring or need assistance, please contact us at (888) 868-5002 or send us a message.

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